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AAA+ La fondatrice | Fabienne Revillard

Profondément convaincue que l’être humain est fondamental et que des personnes accomplies contribuent fortement non seulement au succès de leur(s) entreprise(s), mais également à un monde meilleur, Fabienne Revillard fonde AAA+ Coaching & Formation en 2007, et se spécialise en tant que Coach, Formatrice et Business Mentor.

For years she has been helping people and organisations to flourish, to achieve what inspires them, to develop a richer life and to make a positive difference, whether on a small or large scale.

Fortement expérimentée dans le recrutement de Coachs de haut niveau grâce aux Samedis du Coaching qu’elle fonde en 2009, Fabienne Revillard décide en 2021 de constituer « The Better World Team ».

"The Better World Team" brings together Expert Coaches who are deeply committed to people and who want to contribute to a better world.

The professionals selected in "The Better World Team" contribute

  • by helping their clients to achieve their goals,
  • helping them to improve their business(es) from a human, societal and environmental point of view
  • or by guiding managers to develop an ever more positive impact on the world.

Formée à l’art de la présence par Eckhart Tolle, Fabienne Revillard dispose d’une expérience de haut niveau dans le domaine de l’entreprise (plus de dix ans d’expérience en multinationales à des positions managériales et exécutives).

She reinforced this experience in 2002 with a certification fromIMD Lausanne on team dynamics in boards of directors and executive committees.

De plus, certifiée par l’Université de Californie (Berkeley, USA) en neurosciences, psychologie positive et biologie évolutionniste autour du thème de la science du bonheur, elle associe les compétences de ces deux domaines professionnels (mental – business), en agissant

  • on deepening awareness and accelerating talent development,
  • while being fully qualified on the fundamental issues of the company (strategic-operational levels, internal-external policy).

Au bénéfice initialement d’un Master en Relations Internationales (IHEID, Genève) et diplômée en Entrepreneurship et Business Development par le programme exécutif de l’Université de Genève, Fabienne Revillard a toujours été fascinée par le fonctionnement des systèmes, des organisations et la recherche de leur fonctionnement optimal.

With many years of experience in human and business development, including thousands of hours of coaching and business mentoring, and hundreds of training and team facilitation interventions, Fabienne Revillard is now convinced that much more can be done to promote human fulfilment and the social and environmental contribution of companies, while boosting their success.

From her experience, she concludes that

- although a top-down approach is essential,

  • by strengthening corporate governance and the internal positioning of managers and leaders,
  • as well as the efficiency of the company's operations,

- A combination with a bottom-up approach (empowerment of employees on their own development and performance) ensures an even more comprehensive and sustainable success.

The Better World Team


Fabienne Revillard

"Accompanying people to discover and develop their potential, to go beyond their limits, to connect in depth with themselves and their environment, in order to enable meaningful decisions, actions, behaviors and states of being, is my way of contributing to a better society and world.


Alain Giannattasio

« Éclairer le chemin, un peu comme un lampion, laisser chacun libre arbitre de ses choix
avec la meilleure compréhension possible de l’environnement, des options disponibles et du
sens recherché. C’est comme cela que je vois mon métier »


Laurence Levy

"A time for oneself and for taking stock
Provoke change or welcome it as an opportunity
Get to know yourself better, become aware of your strengths
Overcome your fears to take action
To blossom
Offering all this at the same time to the people I accompany is the mission I have set myself, my way of having a positive impact on society.


Sabine Pellarin

"Helping everyone discover their true nature, to blossom and contribute to the world with their unique talents, this is what has driven me for years and is the basis of my coaching approach."

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