Corporate Mental Health

Preservation and reinforcement of mental health | prevention of psycho-socialrisks
Creating programs that truly matter.
For the participants and for their employer.

The health of your employees matters.
To them. To you. For your company. For society.
Their performance is important.
Their fulfilment at all levels is equally important.

More energy, more motivation

Less stress, physically better
Ongoing training program to strengthen your mental and physical health, immune system, resistance to stress and worries, performance, and healthy relationships.

Multidisciplinary academic training (neurosciences, positive psychology, evolutionary biology) coupled with ongoing training, adapted to busy schedules.

Peace of mind, mental well-being

Psychological well-being and its positive effects on all levels also depends on you: with the right knowledge and targeted exercises, you can train and deepen yourself further .
Transform yourself permanently for the better! Open to all, no prerequisites.

Good mental health is about positive synergies that are self-sustaining.

With better mental health in the workplace, your employees will improve

  • their physical and psychological health: strengthening of the immune system, improvement of chronic ailments, colds, sleep disturbances, mood disorders, absenteeism, exhaustion, burn-out, reduced need for medication, antidepressants, better mental equilibrium
  • their work: motivation, self-confidence, self-esteem, stress management, ability to disconnect, productivity, quality of work, cooperation, involvement, commitment, protective attitudes towards the company, ability to bounce back from change, creativity and ability to find solutions, better work organization, improved customer satisfaction, reduced presenteeism and disengagement...
  • their overall performance: at work, sports, intellectual, competitiveness, memory, more speed, efficiency, energy, better quality of perspective, better perceived by others...
  • their relationships at all levels: colleagues, team spirit, conflict management, emotion management, more qualitative and more numerous friendships, improved couple and family relationships, better relational intelligence
  • their well-being, their living conditions, their quality of life
  • working conditions for all! Better working environment, reduction of psycho-social risks, more safety at work, more positive radiation with snowball effect on others ---> contribution to human heritage (ISO 26000) and to societal improvement.
Health promotion and prevention in mental health go far beyond the interests of working life alone!

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This corporate mental health program is adaptable both in form and content.

Aimed at the preservation and reinforcement of moral and physical health, and consequently at the prevention of psycho-social risks at work, it is particularly designed to meet the demands of busy schedules and is aimed at all employees.

A quantitative report on the individual progress of the trained employees and of the group is available at the end of the training.

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