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  • • Struggling with the job search process ?
  • • Unsure about crafting an effective resume or performing well in interviews ?
  • • Looking to develop a personal brand and high-impact communication strategy ?
  • •  Ready to learn negotiation techniques that can increase your chances of securing employment?

Discover how AAA+ Coaching can guide you towards success.

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  • • Feeling unfulfilled or dissatisfied in your current job ?
  • •  Seeking deeper alignment between your work and your personal values ?
  • • Need more clarity about your career goals?
  • • Want to boost your confidence in your skills, strengths, and abilities ?

Explore how AAA+ Coaching can help you assess your skills and enhance your self-confidence.

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  • • Considering a significant change in your career direction ?
  • • Looking for a holistic approach to career development?
  • • Need support to bounce back from a difficult work experience?
  • • Want to feel fulfilled in a new position that makes sense for you?

Find out how AAA+ can support you in your career and personal growth.


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About AAA+ Coaching

Welcome to AAA+ , a coaching, training and business mentoring organization born from the vision of Fabienne Revillard in 2007.

Our mission? To help people and organizations achieve success and fulfillment, with the ambition of contributing to a better world. We are convinced that accomplished people contribute all the more to the success of their companies.

More than a decade ago, Fabienne Revillard identified the essential role of personal growth in business success. This revelation marked the birth of AAA+ Coaching & Formation .

Since then, we've championed the human element in business, refined personal branding and improved communication strategies for maximum impact.

In 2021, our commitment to positive change culminated in "The Better World Team", a group of expert coaches passionate about human development and creating a better world.

With a decade of executive experience in multinational corporations and training in the art of presence by Eckhart Tolle, Fabienne Revillard brings a unique blend of business and psychological skills.

Her post-master's degree in Entrepreneurship & Business Development from the University of Geneva reinforces his ability to develop talent and address key business issues.

The Better World Team a collective of like-minded professionals, supports her in driving client success from a human, societal, and environmental perspective.

Why us?

AAA+ stands out for its unique synthesis of human-centered coaching and economic pragmatism. We believe in the power of a bottom-up approach that empowers employees to improve their performance and fulfillment, while recognizing the importance of top-down governance.


Fabienne Revillard

Director of AAA+, Executive Coach, trainer and business mentor, with over 15 years' experience in coaching, 18 years' experience in leadership and 25 years as a trainer.


Alain Giannattasio

Coach and trainer, board member and teacher, with 30 years' experience in team and project management, 18 years in individual coaching as coach and 6 years in human development in organizations.


Laurence Levy

Coach and trainer with 20 years' corporate experience, including 10 years in management teams, and 20 years in strategy, organization, controlling and project management in international and multicultural contexts.


Sabine Pellarin

Coach and trainer with 15 years' experience in international corporate, 12 years in coaching and individual therapy and 8 years as a trainer and workshop leader.

With thousands of hours of coaching and business mentoring, and a wealth of experience in training and team facilitation, we're well armed to help businesses flourish.

They trust us

Our clients are our pride. We strive to fuel their growth, enable their pursuit of deeply inspiring goals and facilitate meaningful change.

We aim to foster fulfillment in a context that resonates with our customers and their environment. We've guided thousands of people to their goals - we look forward to making your success our next triumph.

Ready to accelerate your personal growth and career development?

How many employers are you missing out on because you don't have a high-impact communication strategy?

Unemployment isn't just a financial burden, it's a drain on your morale and a brake on your career progression. It's time to turn things around. Welcome to the AAA+ "Essential" package, a job search program specially designed to ensure the highest possible return-to-work success rate.

Supercharge Your Job Hunt with the Essential Package (10 Sessions at CHF 1560, 20% off the regular CHF 1950 Price).

The Essential package is our laser-targeted answer to the daunting job search. This 10 session program equips you to outshine your competition.

Here's the breakdown :

• Job search Strategy, Tailored to you: Navigate the job market with precision. Our personalized plan leads you to the right offers.
Master personal branding and self-marketing : Stand out. Our specialists help you sculpt a personal brand that resonates with your ideal employers and highlights your unique strengths.
• Command high-impact communication : Make an impression. Our strategy strengthens your written and verbal communication, ensuring that you are heard, understood and remembered.
• CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn profile optimization: Beat the bots, impress hiring managers. A well-crafted CV, persuasive cover letter and eye-catching LinkedIn profile are your trump cards.
• Refine oral communication : Own the room during interviews. Answer tough questions with ease, present convincing elevator pitches and articulate your skills in an impactful way, thanks to our rigorous training.
• Effective Networking Approach : harness the power of professional networking. We guide you to engage with your network, make new connections and discover hidden job opportunities.
• Sharpen your negotiation skills : Land the job offer you deserve. We'll equip you with strategies to confidently navigate job offers and to obtain the salary you deserve.

The Essential package is an investment in your career, a fast track to employment. Our method is tried and tested with a jaw-dropping return-to-work rate of 90% .

An example from one of our customers:


Many thanks

Living in Germany and wanting to come and work in French-speaking Switzerland in the watchmaking industry, so as to live with my partner, I had been applying intensively for a year and a half without any results.

In 6 weekly sessions at AAA+, I developed a high-impact communication plan, which I used in my CV and cover letter, and which provided a basis for my job interviews. And I FOUND the right job for me three weeks later! Many thanks to Fabienne Revillard



Unemployment is a high price to pay. The Essential package isn't.

It's time to reclaim your career, restart your professional growth, and resume your journey to success. Your employment is just 10 sessions away. Partner with AAA+ and let s make it happen.

Our low-price offer is limited in time. Put all the chances on your side today.

Master Your Current Role

Discover the Secret to Enhanced Career Performance

Stuck in your current role? Struggling to find a career path that aligns with your values and leverages your unique strengths? It s time to change the narrative.

AAA+ introduces "Deeply You", a personalized career enhancement program designed to help you master your current role and chart the course for a rewarding career journey

Deeply You: A Journey to Self-Discovery and Empowerment (10 Sessions at CHF 1560, 20% Off the Original CHF 1950 Price)

"Deeply you" is our tailor-made and exclusive skills assessment. It's a carefully designed 10-session program that empowers you to discover your true potential and transform your professional life.

Here's what we offer:

• Values-based decision-making: Connect with your deepest values and make decisions that reflect your authentic self. Our experts guide you on this introspective journey.
• Skills & Abilities Assessment : Understand your unique strengths, experiences, skills and qualities. We help you create a comprehensive profile that forms the basis of your career advancement strategy.
• Building self-esteem and confidence : Harness the power of self-belief and your abilities makes it easier to meet challenges. This program teaches you to be confident in your abilities and to take on professional challenges with renewed confidence.
Aspirations Update : Align your career trajectory with your true aspirations. We'll help you identify your motivations, discover your ideal work environments and articulate your values, expectations and interests.
• Career guidance : Discover the career paths that match your profile. Using personality tests, we help you to better understand yourself and identify the areas where your expertise can best express itself.
• Matching strengths with professional roles : Find the right fit for your unique abilities. We align your strengths with potential professional positions, setting clear and achievable goals for your career growth.
• Obstacle identification and mitigation : Discover and overcome obstacles in your career path. We work together to design strategic action plans, exploring different scenarios and finding the best solutions to your personal challenges.
• Personality Profiling : Dig deeper into your personality traits and their impact on your career. Our package includes a range of personality tests such as MBTI, Stens and Schein Career Anchors.

"Deeply You" isn't just a program it's a transformational journey towards career mastery. Our tried-and-tested approach empowers you to  conquer your current role and paves the way for future career victories.

An example from one of our customers:

I. Marketing Assistant, European Headquarters of a Multinational Company

Skills for life.

The sessions with Fabienne gave me a clearer picture of my professional aspirations and possibilities. They helped me position myself in front of my colleagues and superiors.

Through seemingly simple and relaxed discussions, I acquired extremely effective "techniques" that I can use on a daily basis in both my private and professional life. I'd like to thank Fabienne for all the help she gave me, and I won't hesitate to call on her again in the future.

I. Marketing Assistant, European Headquarters of a Multinational Company

Being stuck in your current role can be costly. "Deeply You" isn't.

It's time to reinvest in your career, rediscover your professional growth and get back on track to success. Your career progression is only 10 sessions away. Trust us, let's walk the path together.

Our low-price offer is limited in time. Put all the chances on your side today.

Are you interested in the two previous programs?

Job search and self-intelligence mastery ?

We made something just for you.

Introducing 'Career Premium' - The exclusive combination of personal growth and career guidance (18 sessions for CHF 2,800, you save 700 on the original price (-20%))

At AAA+, we've recognized the interdependence of personal growth and career success. Responding to this, we ve thoughtfully merged our 'Essential' and 'Deeply You' packages, creating a comprehensive journey attending to your personal and professional life.

'Career Premium' is our innovative 18-session program. It combines the best elements of job search expertise with our AAA+ skills assessment. This skilful blend guarantees a quest for the ideal job reinforced by a mastery of self-intelligence.

Here's what our Career Premium offer entails:

• Self-awareness, strengths and career orientation : 'Premium' integrates the strengths of our 'Essential' and 'Deeply You' programs, providing a comprehensive guide to personal and professional growth. This exclusive blend guides you towards your career aspirations and deepens your understanding of your true self.
• Personal branding and high-impact communication : Our experienced team works with you to define your personal signature reflecting your unique combination of strengths. We'll help you write a powerful CV, a compelling cover letter, and an eye-catching LinkedIn profile. At the same time, we improve your communication skills to make a lasting impression at interviews and networking events.
• Skills & Abilities Assessment : Become aware of your unique strengths, experiences, skills and qualities. We help you create a comprehensive profile that forms the basis of your career development strategy.
• Career planning strategy and overcoming challenges : We offer one or more personalized career orientations, combined with problem-solving. Together, we align your career aspirations with your professional roles, and develop strategic plans for overcoming potential obstacles. This orientation enables you to navigate your career path with confidence and precision.
• Effective networking and negotiation tactics : Our proven techniques enable you to build and leverage professional networks, uncover hidden job opportunities, and negotiate job offers that match your value.
• Holistic personality profiling and value-aligned decisions making : Our package includes a series of personality tests, including MBTI, Stens, and Schein Career Anchors. These tests enhance your self-understanding and facilitate career decisions aligned with your core values.
• Fostering self-confidence and self-belief : Our personalized coaching sessions strengthen your mindset, solidifying self-esteem and self-confidence. With a newfound self-confidence, you'll find it easier to take on greater professional challenges.
• Setting clear, achievable goals : Work with our team to define professional and personal goals that are both ambitious and achievable. We'll help you develop a clear action plan to achieve these goals, while ensuring that they are in line with your personality and aspirations.

'Career Premium' is an investment in your career and personal development. Our track record speaks for itself, with over 90% of our customers finding the position they desire .

An example from one of our customers:


An incredible experience with AAA+

Fabienne Revillard gave me the support I needed at a time in my life when I was taking a new professional and personal direction. She showed me other perspectives, to clarify the choices before me.

This support gave me the confidence to imagine the process differently and the courage to accept it. I can only recommend her to anyone looking for relevant and satisfying solutions to their wishes / requests / dreams!



Why settle when you can have the best of both worlds? A rewarding career and a stronger self-aware version of you are just a few months away.

Join us at AAA+ and let's embark on this transformative journey together.

Our low-cost offer is valid for a limited time only. Start changing today.

From uncertainty to success

Embark on Your Career Transition Journey with Confidence

Introducing 'Career Reorientation' - our program combining personal development and transition . (25 sessions at CHF 3'650, -25% off the original price of CHF 4'875, you save CHF 1'225).

At AAA+, we are experts in the art of combining personal fulfillment with professional success. Our most elaborate package, 'Career Reorientation', is the most comprehensive solution for those seeking a career transition truly aligned with their core personality. It combines detailed self-analysis with fully personalized career guidance, all integrated into a transformative journey. Become the best version of yourself.

'Career Reorientation' in detail :

- Personal and professional alignment : We offer an integrated approach that aligns your career orientation with your authenticity. We guide you towards a career that not only reflects your personality and values, but also aligns with your life goals.
- Personal Branding & Communication : Our team works with you to increase your market presence. We work with you to optimize your CV, write an engaging cover letter and create a powerful LinkedIn profile. Plus, we hone your communication skills to make a lasting impression.
- Career Planning & Resilience : Together, we design your career path in line with your goals, and develop solutions to potential obstacles. You move along your career path with confidence and precision.
- Networking & Negotiation : Our package includes proven techniques for building influential networks, uncovering hidden job opportunities and negotiating offers that reflect your value.
- Personality Profiling & Decision-Making : Our package integrates personality tests including MBTI, Stens, and Schein Career Anchors. The insights gained facilitate a better understanding of yourself and enable you to make career choices that reflect your core values.
- Confidence-building : Our coaching sessions are designed to strengthen your mindset and boost your self-esteem. With increased confidence, take on even the toughest professional challenges without fear.
- Skills & Abilities Assessment : Gain awareness of your unique strengths, experiences, skills and qualities. We help you create a comprehensive profile that forms the basis of your career development strategy.
- Motivation and fun : Start waking up in the morning full of energy and enthusiasm for the new day ahead, and for what you're going to achieve at work.

'Career Reorientation' is a commitment to your personal and career transformation. With a success rate of over 90% return to employment , you can trust us to explore the different options for your career path and choose the best one.

This program also holds two options:

Option 1: Bouncing back from difficult professional experiences : If your last professional experience left its mark, be it due to burn-out, mobbing, abrupt dismissal or otherwise, we're here to help you bounce back.

This option covers :

• Grieving and letting go of your old job
• Stop brooding about the past
• Managing stress and insecurity
• Channelling your positive energy to embark on a new professional project with enthusiasm

Option 2: Strenghten your new position : When you take on a new role, we guide you through the critical first few weeks to ensure you make a strong 1st impression.

This option covers :

• Make a convincing start in your new position
• Gain acceptance for your professional style and values
• Identify and take into account stakeholders to assert your position and leadership

An example from one of our customers:

MR. J. V.

A valuable career change

I found myself unemployed following a reorganization and decided to take advantage of the situation to change my career from tax consultant to legal advisor.

After 6 months of negative responses on the legal side, I decided to put the emphasis back on the tax side. That didn't work out any better. With three months to go before the end of my unemployment, I made an appointment with AAA+.

I was intensively trained to improve my communication and assertiveness, thanks in particular to filmed role-playing. I landed a job as a legal advisor within a month of the end of my unemployment, managing not only to reorientate myself, but also to earn the salary I wanted.

I am infinitely grateful to AAA+ for helping me out of my predicament, and I highly recommend that anyone not wait as long as I did before calling AAA+!

MR. J. V.

Lawyer, Legal Advisor

Ready for a change?

A fulfilling career change and a much more conscious version of yourself are just months away.
Our track record speaks for itself, with an impressive 90% return-to-work success rate for our clients .

Make the most of this opportunity to redefine your career path and deepen your personal development.

Make an appointment and let's turn your vision into reality.
Our low-cost offer is for a limited time only. Start changing today.

Transform Your Career and Personal Brand

From Self-Leadership to High-Impact Communication

"Outplacement" by AAA+: Propel your Career Transition and Take the Lead of your Professional Life (Contact us for a customized offer)

At AAA+, we champion resilience and reinvention. Our comprehensive 'Outplacement' package is specially designed to empower your career transitions, filling them with confidence, renewed purpose and work-life balance.

This step up from our 'Career Reorientation' package layers in deeper personal development, strategic networking and resilience building.

Outplacement in detail :

• Bounce back stronger : Embrace your next professional venture with renewed enthusiasm. Our program navigates the emotional management of career transition, facilitating acceptance of the loss of your former role, equipping you with tools to stop ruminating and manage stress and uncertainty.
• Craft a fulfilling future: We offer an integrated approach that combines comprehensive personality tests to better grasp your areas of expertise, innovative strategies to boost your self-esteem and self-confidence, and invaluable advice to help you identify professional environments conducive to professional growth.
• Make value-based decisions : Leverage unique strengths, skills and experiences to chart your career path. Our approach includes an in-depth skills assessment, clear goal-setting action plan development and targeting of the ideal career field for your skill set.
• Personal Branding and High Impact Communication : Sharpen your personal brand and elevate your market visibility by optimizing your CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Improve your oral communication skills and gain control over difficult job interview questions.
• Master the art of persuasion : Learn effective networking strategies, get better offers and make a strong impression in the crucial first weeks of a new role. Establish your professional style and values, and identify key stakeholders to enhance your influence and leadership.
• Professional Added Value: We work closely with you to identify and highlight your unique combination of skills and experience. By focusing on your added value, we help you stand out in the marketplace and attract opportunities that match your potential and aspirations.
• Strategic support for a new role : When you take up a new position, we guide you through the critical first few weeks to ensure a smooth and successful transition. We provide strategic guidance to establish your leadership, manage key stakeholders and integrate your values and professional style into your new role.
• Entrepreneurial orientation: If you want to explore your entrepreneurial fiber, we offer guidance on project viability analysis, business model, and strategic planning for your new venture.

Outplacement' includes comprehensive personality profiling with MBTI, Stens, and Schein Career Anchors, with an impressive 90% return-to-employment success rate for our clients .

An example from one of our customers:

Catherine D.

My project has taken off, thanks to AAA+.

I hired Ms. Revillard to help me launch my independent business. The sustained work we did enabled me to overcome my fears and hang-ups and finally launch my project.

This follow-up at coaching has given me tools that I use every day when I have uncertainties or doubts. Some of the techniques are also beneficial when dealing with potential conflicts with partners or customers. Ms. Revillard is familiar with the problems faced by entrepreneurs, and can also advise on practical issues such as marketing strategy and the business plan.

I highly recommend AAA+ to anyone who wants to get started, as it's well worth the investment.

Catherine D.

Communication & Media Relations Specialist

Ready to turn page and start a promising new chapter in your career?

Contact AAA+ for a personalized offer. Let's redefine your career path together.

90% of our customers find new jobs.

With us, your success is within reach

  • Essential
  • 10 sessions of 1 hour
  • ----
  • 1'950 CHF
  • 1'560 CHF
  • ____
  • Job search coaching

  • Deeply You
  • 10 sessions of 1 hour
  • ____
  • 1'950 CHF
  • 1'560 CHF
  • ____
  • Skills assessment

  • Career Premium
  • 18 sessions of 1 hour
  • ____
  • 3'500 CHF
  • 2'800 CHF
  • ____
  • Essential and Deeply You Packs included

  • Career Reorientation
  • 25 sessions of 1 hour
  • ____
  • 4'875 CHF
  • 3'650 CHF
  • ____
  • Career Premium Pack included
  • Option:
    Bounce Back
    New position strengthening

  • Outplacement
  • Contact us for a customized offer
  • ____
  • Career Reorientation Pack included
  • Job search coaching
  • Skills assessment
  • Find a breath and a balance in life
  • Career reorientation or Entrepreneurship

Discover our offers in more detail

Each path is unique, find the plan that best suits your aspirations.

AAA+ Coaching Center in Geneva
Essential Deeply You Career Premium Career Reorientation Outplacement
10 sessions of 1 hour 10 sessions of 1 hour 18 sessions of 1 hour 25 sessions of 1 hour Contact us
for a customized offer
1950CHF 1950CHF 3500CHF 4875CHF
1'560CHF 1'560CHF 2'800CHF 3'650CHF
Choose Choose Choose Choose Contact us

Accompaniment in Job Search

Branding & Effective Communication

  • CV | Cover letter
  • LinkedIn optimization

Mastery and Oral Communication

  • Training for trick questions in job interviews
  • Video interviews included
  • Progression support (filmed role play, Ericksonian hypnosis, etc.)
  • Elevator Pitch

Strategic Influence

  • Network approach
  • Make an Appointment
  • Techniques for negotiating offers

Skills Assessment

Complete self-assessment

  • Your motivations
  • Your healthiest work environments
  • Your values, expectations, interests

Professional Orientation

  • Target your areas of expertise and align them with the positions you are considering. Together we will establish achievable goals, identify barriers and develop effective action plans.

Personality tests included

  • MBTI, Stens and Stein Career Anchors

Mastery and evolution

Career Reorientation

Pleasure & Motivation

  • Your motivators
  • Your sources of pleasure
  • Personality styles that match you
  • Environments conducive to your development

Quest for meaning

  • Focus on your aspirations, your fulfillment and your life mission

Option: Bounce back or new position strengthening

  • Rebound : We accompany you in the mourning of your former job and boost your positive energies
  • Consolidation: We help you to secure the first few key weeks, to adopt your professional style and to secure a position of leadership. leadership

Find a Balance of Life

Transition Positive

  • Fine-tuning your next career move
  • Strengthening of self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Your professional added value


  • If you're considering a change of direction towards entrepreneurship, this program can also help you to analyze the viability of your project, draw up a business plan and plan the main lines of your new business.

Each plan includes :

A coach expert dedicated to your professional success.

The possibility of transforming 1-hour sessions into 1.5-hour sessions to speed up the process.

A choice of face-to-face or distance learning sessions for each session.

Still hesitating?

No problem at all. We offer you a free initial session, by videoconference or face-to-face, to discuss your ambitions and how we can help you achieve them.

Take the time to evaluate if our approach meets your expectations before committing yourself.