Coaching of life

You're unique.
Your uniqueness is our passion.

Let's imagine a world in which each of us is fully conscious, fulfilled, full of energy and lives a beautiful and enriching life...

Your fulfilment matters.
It matters to you. To us. For those around you. For the world.
Your balance is important.
Your well-being is important too.


Your personal development leads you to everything (or almost everything)! Better relationships, more ease in reaching your goals, better health, more pleasure at work and well-being in life in general.
Feel like overcoming a few obstacles?
This is the theme of personal coaching. For an in-depth training, see the Health, Happiness and Success course.

Work-life balance

Do you want an interesting and stimulating job, while having enough time and energy for your personal life (partner, family, own activities)?

Self-esteem, self-confidence, assertiveness

Do you want to improve your self-esteem, to stop devaluing yourself or blaming yourself excessively?
Want to feel more confident about your ability to accomplish new projects, start new activities?
Do you want to be more assertive, gain respect from others, succeed in expressing / promoting your ideas, and be able to say no when necessary, without remorse?

Presence, consciousness, alignment, accomplishment

Would you like to live fully in the present moment and strengthen your self-awareness?
Would you like to develop alignment between who you are deep down, your thoughts, your decisions, your words, your behaviors and your actions?
Would you like to live more intensely?
Would you like to develop your highest potential in the service of your life project?
For more information, visit coaching . For in-depth training, see Leadessence seminars.

Managing difficult relationships

Do you want more understanding, peace and harmony in this relationship?
Want to understand what you can do on your own?
Do you want to find out if this is a difficult personality and if so, what precautions to take to better manage it?


Do you want to be able to express your point of view, your needs, your expectations clearly, calmly and respectfully?
Do you want to strengthen your assertiveness, your mastery of non-violent communication (NVC)?

Stress management, time saving

Want to do more with less effort?
Doing the tasks at hand without worrying about counter-productive worries?
Improve your time management?
No more vegetative states in front of the screen because you are too exhausted to have an ounce of energy to do anything else?
Feel like dynamism, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, nourishing, positive, productive activities?

Selection and management of priorities

Do you have a difficult choice ahead of you and/or are you having difficulty making choices in general?
Do you want to be able to know at all times what is most important to you and be able to prioritize it?

Support in difficult times

Birth, illness, death, separation, divorce, conflicting inheritance, lawsuits, difficulties of relatives...
Want to be supported, to be able to confide in you, to give evidence, to avoid overwhelming those around you?
Do you want to give yourself the means to spend this period in the best possible way?

What we do

Our individual sessions (see our caring approach) help and accompany you in personal development on one or more of these themes, or even on another desire / need.

  1. We start by defining and clarifying your personal goals and/or projects
  2. We help you to prioritize them
  3. We help you to reach them, one after the other, in a totally personalised and tailor-made manner.


  • by taking into account the repetitive internal blockages and patterns that may occur and by providing you with tools to overcome them.
  • promoting understanding and awareness throughout the process, allowing you to improve yourself
  • Encouraging you to make decisions that are within your grasp, moving you forward.
  • by accompanying you to maintain your motivation to train, until your new skills are acquired.
coaching is a fabulous profession! Participating in human progress is a grace, an honor! Let's work together to make the world a better place...

Fabienne Revillard


Let's work hand in hand to make your life more pleasant, easier and more fulfilling.

Personalized individual coaching by a highly qualified certified life coach


Let's work hand in hand to make your life more pleasant, easier and more fulfilling.

Personalized individual coaching by a highly qualified certified life coach

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