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You're unique.
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Your charisma, your ease, your energy, your ability to make the right choices, to take the right decisions and to surround yourself well, all count.

For you. For you. For your company. For the world.
Your professional impact is important.
So is your stamina, your leadership, your serenity.

How to live and pass on the best version of oneself?

Seamless success

Do you want to be able to reach at will a state of high performance in which every thought, every word, every gesture is right?
Often referred to as a state of flow, "the zone" in French, this state is achieved through an optimal level of stress including a commitment to the task beyond oneself.
Theme addressed in personalized coaching. For in-depth training, see the Leadessence seminars.

Achieve more with less effort

Who doesn't dream of doing more, more easily, with less effort?
To regain control of your time, to gain serenity is fundamental for high performance levels. Out of 2.5 million respondents, 80% say they don't have enough time to do everything they would like to do in a day (Gallup USA 2019 Survey). Time management has become a major issue, essential at all levels of management.
Connect deeply with one's inner strength, go beyond one's mind to let brilliant ideas emerge, highly effective solutions, unsuspected shortcuts, make wise choices and define intelligent priorities.
This theme is addressed in executive coaching. For an in-depth training, see the Leadessence seminars.

Charisma reinforcement

Would you like to be even more charismatic?
Combining the impact effect of his public speaking with an individualized consideration towards his collaborators allows for greatly reinforced charisma.
This requires different abilities and leaders are often better suited in one or the other. Developing high-potential abilities, as well as the interpersonal skills to perform on both levels, usually requires self work.
This theme is addressed in professional coaching. For an in-depth training, see the personal leadership sessions.

Convince, encourage emulation

Would you like to improve your ability to convince, your ability to encourage emulation?
This generally requires a fine analysis of situations and people, a deep awareness of what you want to achieve and why, being able to embody it, giving yourself the means and developing at the same time a high-precision communication strategy.

Balance between detachment and commitment, finding the right distance

Do you want to remain detached yet highly committed? Maintain excellent emotional control at all times?
This often represents a high challenge and requires excellent stress management, as well as a subtle level of awareness of yourself, your goals, others and your environment.

Appropriate attitude in all circumstances

Do you want to optimize your leadership, strengthen your interpersonal intelligence, your interpersonal skills, and adapt fluidly to each person and each circumstance?
This often requires a sharp analysis of the situation, vigilance concerning one's own reactions and sometimes a reprogramming of possible unconscious reflex attitudes.
This theme is addressed in managerial coaching. For an in-depth training, see the personal leadership sessions.

Courage in your choices, in your decisions

Do you want to be able to take responsibility for your choices and decisions more easily, more serenely?
A leader often finds himself alone when it comes to taking responsibility for his choices and decisions. This requires a strong character, good self-esteem, good self-confidence, balanced self-assertion, as well as a certain capacity to overcome one's ego, so as not to be influenced by the fear of criticism or attacks on one's self-image.


Do you want to improve your ability to formulate your questions in order to better motivate you to make the right decisions, maximize results and return on investment (ROI), as well as promote good change management?
As a Director (NED), facilitation skills are usually essential. Moreover, forcing oneself to stay behind at the operational level is not an easy task. All this requires a keen awareness of what is at stake, of one's personal patterns, and of the personalities and motivations of others.

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