Coaching team

You're unique.
Your uniqueness is our passion.
You need to
Developing a lightning-fast strategy
Develop a high impact strategy

Your team's performance matters.
It matters to you. To us. For your team members. To the world.
People are the key to your company’s success.
They can and want to do well.

Develop your team's performance

Encouraging a high performance culture
Facilitate member interaction
Strengthen individual commitment, relational intelligence, team cohesion
Overcome conflicts
Promote agility and team spirit

Unlock human potential

Encouraging positive team dynamics
Getting 100% of employees to contribute at 100% of their potential
Work with collective intelligence
Encourage generative collaboration
Facilitate group flow (high performance state)

Unlock creativity

By facilitating co-construction, co-development
By fostering the emergence of brilliant ideas
By finding highly effective solutions

Do more, faster

By facilitating the emergence of unsuspected shortcuts
By strengthening the solution-oriented spirit
This will save considerable time

What we do
  1. We start by defining and clarifying with you the common objectives of your team
  2. We propose an action plan staked out over time
  3. We facilitate with the team by deepening the relationship of trust
  4. We deepen awareness of what is happening below the surface when the group interacts, in order to correct unconscious biases
  5. We explore the unconscious assumptions and hidden motivations that can derail the work of the team, in order to optimise the risk management inherent in the human component
  6. We offer a follow-up course of individual interviews to each member of the team.

AAA+ makes you proud of your team, your management committee, your board of directors.
Let's work together for your success.

Passion leads to success

Fabienne Revillard


Let’s find out how to work together and create something meaningful and valuable

Systemic approach for management teams, management committees and other teams at all levels. Our professional support is adapted to you.

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