Business strategy

AAA+ will make you proud of your business.

Your business matters.
It matters to you. To us. For your employees. For the world.
Its success is important.
Its stability, its durability, its productivity, its growth,
its overall performance as well.

Growth and Corporate Governance

Do you want to increase your turnover, your productivity?
Do you need to make strategic choices, take critical decisions?
Would you like to refine your strategic vision, develop a more powerful corporate culture?
Are you planning to optimize your business model, your return on investment, your competitive advantage?
Are you wondering about the relevance of diversification policies, outsourcing, creation of new structures?

High performing teams

Do you want to boost the performance of your teams?
Would you like to implement stronger cultural values, create a unifying vision?
Are you wondering about the adequacy of the composition of your teams, about the relevance of creating new positions?
Do you want to strengthen collective intelligence and encourage generative collaboration ?
Would you like to overcome conflicts and foster agility and team spirit?
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What we do

Whether it is in relation to the themes mentioned or for any other need, our approach is based on facilitating decision making through a mix of value creation coaching and business consulting.

  1. We start by defining and clarifying your needs and objectives with you.
  2. We establish together a strategic diagnosis
  3. We analyze your practice together
  4. We encourage you to ask the right questions, define an action plan, identify key success factors, formulate a strategy, etc.
  5. We offer you tactical and/or strategic implementations
  6. We analyse the results step by step and identify areas for improvement and/or obstacles.
  7. We encourage certain adjustments.
  8. We note positive results from point 4 onwards.
  9. Balance sheet and income recognition
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AAA+ will make you proud of your work. Let's work together for your success.

As CEOs of a Swiss SME based in Geneva, we were already very satisfied with the way it worked, but wanted to take it to the next level. We called on the business mentoring services of the AAA+ firm, with the aim of optimising control of our operating result, boosting our productivity, the quality of our services and taking our company to the next level. We are particularly satisfied with this collaboration, which has proved to be extremely interesting, both in terms of the initiatives decided upon and implemented, and in terms of the underlying thinking, which has very often far exceeded our expectations.

Antoine O. and Olivier R., CEOs, STVS

Let’s find out how to work together and create something meaningful and valuable

What a pleasure to work in Business Mentoring with Fabienne Revillard. Smart, motivating, energizing, it opened my mind to solutions and strategies that hadn't occurred to me before. Among the many practical benefits of these exchanges, I would like to highlight two main things.
1. Striving to improve our weaknesses probably makes us mediocre, whereas capitalizing and developing our strengths makes us achieve excellence.
2. It's better to stop a mandate with a systematically dissatisfied client, in order to put off the energy that he makes us lose (and which probably doesn't make him any happier), to satisfy the other clients, who are then so satisfied that they strengthen our reputation, which in turn brings us even more clients. Thank you very much for these teachings, which have helped us to develop our reputation and turnover.

Anne-Laure Ferry-Adam, Company Manager, Alfa-design


Business Mentoring Program for Non Executive Directors (NEDs), Executives, CEOs, Managing Directors, Partners, Directors, Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders (SMEs, VSEs), delivered by an executive level certified professional, experienced in business management.

We adapt our professional support to you.

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