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Search for meaning

Do you want to think deeply about your next professional step and give yourself every means to reach it? Do you want to fulfil yourself in a position involving tasks and responsibilities that nourish and inspire you, for which you make full use of your skills?
Do you want to contribute to something that really matters to you?
Do you want to find a position that really makes sense for you, in relation to who you are deeply, as well as in relation to what really matters to you more broadly?
Do you want to build a career plan that takes into account your life's aspirations.
Do you wish to give them priority from now on?

Motivation and fun

Do you want an easy and smooth implementation towards your new professional goal?
Do you want to clarify your main motivational factors to stimulate the energy you will allocate to your project?
Would you like to identify the personality styles with which you are more comfortable, more efficient, happier and more successful in leading and completing projects?
Likewise, in terms of professional environments, which ones are most conducive to your development?

Skills assessment

Would you like to update your professional strengths and skills and determine which ones are most essential to you, those that add value and which you enjoy using?
Do you want to be able to decide whether certain skills would benefit from being strengthened for your new professional project?
Do you want to complete your communication on your professional achievements in an impactful way?
Would you like a totally personalised approach adapted to your needs, no more, no less?

Personality tests

Do you want to deepen your knowledge of yourself through tests adapted to executive profiles and rigorously selected according to the relevance of their methodology?
Are you interested in taking personality tests in order to update your personal style, the traits that serve you and the traits that need to be improved in order to achieve your professional goals?

Consolidation in a new position

Do you want to convince and insure during the first key weeks in your new position?
Do you want your professional style to be adopted ?
Do you want to put all the chances on your side to strongly motivate your new team?
Do you want to identify and size up the stakeholders to ensure your positional strength and leadership from the outset?


Vous aimeriez tourner la page, arrêter de ressasser, stopper vos pensées obsessionnelles, vos inquiétudes sur le futur ?
Vous désirez apprendre ce qu’il y a à apprendre de cette dernière expérience et vous libérer du reste ?
Vous voulez dynamiser vos énergies positives pour vous relancer dans un nouveau projet professionnel avec enthousiasme ?
Vous avez envie d’être plus serein(e) de manière générale ?

Self-esteem, self-confidence, assertiveness

Do you want to boost your self-esteem, enhance your self-esteem and/or stop feeling guilty about yourself?
Would you like to feel more confident about your ability to find a professional position that suits you?
Do you want to be able to communicate with enthusiasm and confidence about your skills, your added value and what you can contribute?

Marketing of oneself

Would you like to perfect your job interview skills and feel really comfortable and completely professional?
Would you like to make sure that your presentation, gestures and interpersonal skills are in line with the techniques of recruiters and headhunters?
Do you want to build your new elevator pitch (presentation in 1 min), as well as optimize your networking techniques, in order to communicate in an authentic, simple and efficient way?
Do you want to be able to talk about yourself in a powerful and targeted way in relation to your new professional project?
Would you also like to update your CV, your covering letter, as well as all your written communication (social networks, Linkedin, etc.) going straight to the point, thanks to a carefully thought-out personal communication plan?

What we do for you

Par rapport à un cabinet d’outplacement classique, qui propose en général en sus du bilan de compétences et de l’élaboration du projet professionnel, une phase de démarche de réseau au moyen de quelques ateliers thématiques (souvent la phase la plus longue), nous axons notre approche davantage sur la recherche de sens et de plaisir, en lien avec une performance fluide, en vue de l’implémentation de votre nouveau projet professionnel. Le processus est complètement adapté en fonction de vos besoins personnels.

Les phases importantes de la démarche Outplacement AAA+

Building your new professional project

  • Rebound
  • Identify your motivations
  • Understanding how you work
  • Professional added value
  • Targeting the field of activity
  • Research strategy and planning

Development of your tools

  • Marketing of oneself
  • Oral communication about oneself
  • Written communication about yourself (CV, cover letter, LinkedIn strategy)
  • Developmental support (filmed role-playing, Ericksonian hypnosis, etc.)

The art of convincing

  • Network approach
  • Make an Appointment
  • Successfully navigating difficult interviews
  • Techniques for negotiating offers
  • Integration of the new position
  • Strategic support for new employees

Il est également possible d’axer son Outplacement sur une réorientation en entreprenariat avec une analyse de la viabilité du projet, un business plan et la planification des grands axes de votre nouveau business (marketing, communication, commercial, RH, finances, production, juridique).

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