Fabienne Revillard

"Helping people to discover and develop their potential, to go beyond their limits, to connect in depth with themselves and their environment, in order to enable meaningful decisions, actions, behaviours and states of being, is my way of contributing to a better society and world.

Fabienne Revillard


18 years as a Director

14 years as Coach and Business Mentor

25 years as a trainer


French, English

Modes of Intervention

In companies

In practice in Geneva


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Founder of coaching & consulting AAA+, I have been working as a coach, trainer and business mentor since 2008.

With a wide range of services including thousands of hours of coaching and business mentoring (+5000), and hundreds of training and team facilitation interventions, I also have over ten years' experience in multinational companies, including senior and executive positions.

Since 2008, I have been helping my clients (individuals and companies|organisations|all sectors of activity) to achieve success and fulfilment and I am convinced that much more can be done to promote the humanfulfilment and the social and environmental contribution of companies, while boosting their success.

Whether through

  • Support for decision-makers (executives, management committees and boards of directors | executive coaching | business mentoring )
  • Personalized support at management and leadership | leadership coaching
  • From coaching on professional and coaching life goals
  • At outplacement (including skills assessment, search for meaning and reorientation),
  • In training courses combining well-being and performance,
  • By strengthening mental health in companies,
  • Or with the help of tailor-made programmes,

  • my interventions aim, among other things, at

  • Accelerating growth and development of potential
  • Exceeding limits
  • Strengthening self-awareness and intelligence
  • To the deepening of consciousness
  • To the deep connection to oneself and one's environment
  • To make a positive contribution to the world

  • with the aim of helping my clients to

  • Realise what inspires them deeply for themselves and their business
  • Developing a richer life
  • Making a positive difference on a small or large scale.
  • Main areas of intervention

    Coaching to improve oneself (professional & personal), one's company and the world (contributing and having one's company contribute in a positive way to the world)


    Multidisciplinary approach -> more effective approach | Several themes -> one professional

    Executive Coaching | Leadership Coaching | Management Committees | Boards of Directors
    Strategic support, Efficiency, Charisma, Work-life balance

    Coaching de Carrière | Bilans de Compétences | Outplacement
    Professional fulfilment, Search for meaning, Self-fulfilment, Life mission, Reorientation, Transition, Reconversion, Career development, Promotion and Internal mobility

    Coaching Professional
    Job search, Personal Branding & Self-marketing (CV, Cover letter, LinkedIn Profile, Interview preparation): +90% return to employment rate, including difficult cases|
    Stress management, emotional management, reactivity, difficult professional relationships | Performance | Skills development | Coaching Motivational development | Self-confidence, Self-esteem, Self-affirmation, Self-optimization | Talent development | Public speaking | The art of convincing | Burnout

    Coaching de Vie
    Fulfillment | Work-life balance | Managing difficult relationships | Managing emotions | Deepening awareness | Alignment | Fulfillment | Art of Presence | Neutral and caring support in difficult times | Happiness | Well-being

    Coaching Team
    Team performance | Facilitation | Relational improvement


    Trainer experience +20 years
    All adult audiences|Different levels of requirement & expertise

    Multidisciplinary approach (performance, leadership (junior to executive | feminine | essential (beyond mental)), personal development, mental health, well-being, public speaking, self-knowledge & intelligence, conflict management, relationship management, emotional management)

    Ease of quickly setting up high-level tailor-made training courses that correspond exactly to the client's needs while fully satisfying the audience

    ROI | Maximisation of participants' learning/h | Practical & operational focus

    Business Mentor

    SMEs | Start-ups | Self-employed | Business start-ups

    Strategy | Management | Business Plans | Business Development | Growth and Corporate Governance | High-Performance Teams

    Professional experience

  • Member of the Board of Directors
  • Founder and Director of AAA+ Coaching & Formation
  • Founder of Samedis du Coaching
  • Founder of Coachs en Herbe
  • Managing Director of Caviar House Switzerland
  • International Marketing and Communication Director, Haute Horlogerie & Joaillerie, MVDB Diffusion
  • Marketing and Public Relations Director LVMH, Guerlain Switzerland
  • Trilingual sales and promotions trainer LVMH, Guerlain Switzerland
  • Event Manager Bacardi Martini Switzerland Ltd

  • Main titles and diplomas

  • Certificate "Team dynamics in boards of directors", IMD, Lausanne
  • Diploma in the Art of Presence and Awareness, Eckhart Tolle School of Awakening, Los Angeles, USA
  • Certificate in Happiness Science (Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and Evolutionary Biology), California University, Berkeley, USA
  • HEC Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Business Development, Executive Program, University of Geneva
  • Master in International Relations at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva
  • Coach Master Practitioner Certificate (SNLP), International Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, ICF member
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis Practitioner Diploma, ID Com International
  • Trained in systems and biogenealogical approaches
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    Fabienne Revillard


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