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Tailor-made approach, totally adapted to the client (person, group of people, company) and with respect for confidentiality.

Depending on the needs and situations, our approach is always benevolent and strongly focused on return on investment, i.e. obtaining maximum results with minimum effort and minimum time on the part of the client.
This does not exclude the fact that sometimes we need to take time.

Let’s find out how to work together and create something meaningful and valuable


10 years' experience in multinational companies and Post-Master's degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Development

Experience in different positions (employee, manager, recruiter, executive) covering a large majority of company issues and allowing a deeper understanding of the specific issues related to each hierarchical level.
Highly qualified support in Business Mentoring, Professional Training (leadership, performance, team performance, etc.), Personal Leadership, Leadessence and Coaching (career, executive, professional, team).


The coach takes a low profile coupled with the art of asking non-oriented questions, leading the interlocutor to discover and formulate the truths he has in him, often unconsciously (maieutics).
A process with complete respect for the individual, his desires, his rhythm and his evolution.
Set of techniques aiming at :

  • Clarification of goals and objectives
  • Awareness of what can be limiting in the achievement of objectives
  • Awareness of one's own and personal resources and means to overcome limitations
  • Consideration of the obstacles and constraints that may arise and the possibilities of circumventing them
  • Optimization of capabilities, skills, competencies and performance
  • Catalysis of full potential
  • Definition of short, medium and possibly long term steps
  • Development of action plan
  • Optimization of personal communication
  • Support for perseverance, facilitation of sustained effort and determination to keep going

Highly useful at all levels (Coaching, Facilitation, Training, Business Mentoring )

Team dynamics for Management Committees & Board of Directors

High level training developed byIMD Lausanne to encourage positive team dynamics and boost company performance in order to
-Encourage a high performance culture
-Understand the behaviour of the board of directors as a group in order to optimise corporate governance and maximise performance
-To understand the behavioural requirements of this level of responsibility and to train board members to maintain them in all circumstances
-Deepen awareness of what happens below the surface when groups interact
-Understanding the formal behaviour dictated to board members by governance frameworks versus the informal dynamics of a team
-Exploring the unconscious assumptions and hidden motivations that can derail the work of the board/committee to optimise the risk management inherent in the human component
-Finding the right balance for the board between supporting and challenging the CEO and the management team.

Science of Happiness

Leading multidisciplinary scientific principles and practices around the theme of happiness and its link to performance, health and the search for meaning.
Bringing together the latest research results in this field from the most internationally renowned universities (Harvard, Berkeley, Stanford, Yale, MIT, London Business School, Cambridge, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Rome, etc.) in the fields of positive psychology, neuroscience and evolutionary biology.
Highly useful in Life Coaching, in everything related to well-being, performance, emotional management, stress management, widely used in Happiness, Health and Success training as well as in Business Mentoring, especially on the development of team performance.

Art of Presence, Eckhart Tolle School

6-month intensive training in
-Reaching a deeper state of being and presence
-Mindfulness, authenticity, the essence
-Overcoming the ego
-Overcoming the limits of the mind
-Living in the moment
-Inner peace, tranquility, fulfilment
-Relationships with awareness
-Dealing with difficult emotions, avoiding reactivity
-Gaining energy and performance in all areas of life
Highly useful at all levels (Coaching, Training, Business Mentoring), widely used in the Leadessence seminar.

NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming

One of the brief psychotherapies proposing a dynamic accompaniment to change with the aim of improving daily life in the short and long term.
Consists of the study of the human way of thinking, developing tools and techniques to eliminate (often unconscious) thought patterns and limiting behaviours.
Highly useful in Life Coaching, in everything that concerns communication, the art of convincing, conflict management and overcoming traumas, negative experiences...

Ericksonian Hypnosis

Method of deep relaxation allowing the person, conscious throughout the process, to facilitate access to his unconscious mind and consequently to free himself from certain tenacious conditioning belonging to the past, as well as to facilitate emergence of resources and the installation of new learning, ways of being, habits, etc.
Highly useful in Life, Career and Professional Coaching, in Personal Leadership and in the Leadessence seminar...

Skills assessment

Inventory of all skills present, both professional and non-professional.
Updating of aspirations, definition of short, medium and long term objectives, including various tests and personality tests.
Consolidation and communication plan about oneself (CV, cover letter, job interviews, elevator pitch, etc.).
Useful in career and professional coaching.
Possibility to explore it in the form of workshops/training.


A little tool used in Coaching career management to find common ground between what a person is good at, what they can be paid for, what they love and what the world needs.

On a personal level, depending on the problem at hand and on the person, the number of coaching sessions varies from two sessions to a few months of regular follow-up.

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