"When men work together, mountains turn to gold. "Chinese proverb
I was completely overwhelmed by the effort put forward by Fabienne to satisfy the needs for coaching, including her support on building focus for being worth the task.

Thanks a million!

N/A Diplomat | 23.04.23
First appointment with Fabienne Revillard. Very professional and helpful, Mme Revillard has already helped me a lot during this interview. 3A plus has a wealth of experience that my wife and I will be able to benefit from on many levels. Thank you for this interview. See you soon.

S. R. Product Manager | 23.11.22
Fabienne's support is excellent, she knows how to listen and offers a personalized and efficient toolbox. Her positive and benevolent personality and her sense of humor are also pleasant assets in the coaching.

M. H. Communication Manager | 21.11.22
Great experience with Fabienne, spirited and non-judgmental.
I found an interview not even a week after starting the search with her.

J.H Caregiver | 9.11.22
Fabienne is a person with experience, she has the ability to explain and accompany the client with the right reasoning in order to move forward at his pace and reach his goals!

I.M Entrepreneur | 10.07.22
My experience with AAA+ has been very positive. Faced with a career choice, Fabienne Revillard quickly knew how to help me make the right decision. With her keen insight, she guided the discussion by asking me questions relevant to my needs. Ms. Revillard's positive attitude facilitates collaboration and I appreciate her professionalism. I look forward to continuing my sessions at coaching and highly recommend AAA+.

N.H CFO | 28.06.22
My first session was very fruitful. A face to face first meet is very important to understand a person from where he is coming from and that was satisfactorily addressed by Aaa+.

J.K Contractor | 15.05.22
AAA+ is an excellent coaching consultancy. They cover a wide range of subjects and bring a particular vision and angle to each one. I have taken several training courses with Fabienne Revillard as well as sessions at business mentoring . His vast experience and skills have been invaluable to me. I recommend her without reservation.

N. E. Contractor
My experience with AAA+ has enabled me to make great strides in both my private and professional life, to define my objectives, better manage my relationships, self-respect and balance, and gain an objective view of the direct and indirect issues at stake. I recommend this experience at coaching to anyone who needs or wants to make progress, break down barriers, boost performance or gain perspective. It's a wonderful gift to oneself.

J. A. G. Director
Living in Germany and wanting to move to French-speaking Switzerland to work in the watchmaking industry and live with my partner, I had been applying intensively for a year and a half with no results. In 6 weekly sessions at AAA+, I developed a high-impact communication plan, which I used in my CV and cover letter, and which provided a basis for my job interviews. And I FOUND the right job for me three weeks later! Many thanks to Fabienne Revillard

J. S. Engineer
Faced with a painful period in my career, where relationships with certain colleagues were proving difficult and unconstructive, I turned to AAA+ Coaching. Several sessions enabled me to get to the heart of the matter and better understand the difficulties I was facing. This understanding helped ease the emotional burden and pain I was feeling.

C., University Faculty Administrator
I found myself unemployed following a reorganization and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to reorient myself from a tax specialist to a legal adviser. After 6 months of negative responses in the legal field, I decided to put the emphasis back on the tax side. It didn't work out any better. Three months before the end of my unemployment I made an appointment with AAA+. I was intensively trained to improve my communication and assertiveness, in particular through filmed role-playing. One month before the end of my unemployment I got a job as a legal advisor, which not only helped me to reorient myself, but also to get the salary I wanted. I am infinitely grateful to AAA+ for helping me out of the impasse and I strongly recommend that anyone not wait as long as I did before calling on AAA+!

Mr. J. V. Counsel, Legal Adviser
I hired Ms. Revillard to help me launch my self-employed business. The sustained work we did enabled me to overcome my fears and blockages and finally launch my project. The coaching follow-up gave me tools that I use every day when I'm uncertain or doubtful. Some of the techniques are also beneficial when dealing with potential conflicts with partners or customers. Ms. Revillard understands the problems faced by entrepreneurs, and can also advise on practical issues such as marketing strategy and the business plan. I highly recommend AAA+ to anyone who wants to start their own business, as it's well worth the investment.

Catherine D., Communication & Media Relations Specialist
I had already made an appointment a few years ago with Fabienne Revillard to change jobs. This perfectly conclusive experience naturally led me to take another appointment to help me pass the final oral exams for my federal diploma. Indeed, I was totally paralyzed by the idea of taking an exam in front of a jury. Fabienne Revillard gently but firmly coached me to overcome my fears and practice until I was ready. I got 6/6 in my oral. A very human and formative experience.

C. C. HR
The work I did with my coach enabled me to identify my abilities and potential objectively and clearly. From there, and in a climate of trust, respect and professionalism, I was able to develop pragmatic and objective means of successfully starting a very important professional stage in my life. I was also able to identify my fears, weaknesses and shortcomings so as to better accept, understand and integrate them into the whole that I am, and thus move forward with serenity, strength and confidence in the future.

F., Creative Director
In the midst of a divorce, I thought I had enough strength to cope, when my doctor diagnosed the onset of burnout. With Fabienne's coaching , I got back on track and found the strength and confidence to respect myself and dare to be respected within my boundaries, to face up to all the changes and project myself into the future!

B., Professor and Therapist
I arrived at an extremely tense moment in my professional life and thanks to AAA+ I managed to defuse the tension, understand the situation, change my vision of things without affecting my own personality, but on the contrary, strengthen it in the face of adversity. We did a (quick) personality assessment, but it proved to be extremely effective. My idea was to work on self-confidence. Of course I still need to work, but the techniques proved to be really effective. I'm able to put things into perspective, I want to move forward and no longer spend all my time flashing myself. I have confidence in what I say and do.

S., Trader
A precise and customer-oriented approach, while providing a global vision of the world we are going to be confronted with by describing the many pitfalls and tricks in order to stand out from the crowd!

F., Financial Controller
Fabienne Revillard gave me the support I needed at a time in my life when I was taking a new professional and personal direction. She showed me other perspectives, to clarify the choices before me. This support gave me the confidence to imagine the process differently, and the courage to accept it. I can only recommend her to anyone looking for relevant and satisfying solutions to their wishes / requests / dreams!

A-M, Contractor
Quality coaching, coaching with a positive and professional attitude, listening, without judgment

K., Commercial Employee
The sessions with Fabienne allowed me to see more clearly in my aspirations and professional possibilities. They helped me to position myself in front of my colleagues and superiors. Through seemingly simple and relaxed discussions, I acquired extremely effective "techniques" that I can use on a daily basis in both my private and professional life. I would like to thank Fabienne for the help she gave me and will not hesitate to call on her again in the future!

I., Marketing Assistant, European headquarters of a multinational company
At a time in my life when everything seemed to be falling apart - my work, my family, my health - coaching therapy with F. Revillard enabled me to become aware of my limiting beliefs and to get back on track. The weekly sessions have supported me in my day-to-day life, especially at work, as F. Revillard understands the problems of a company perfectly, and have helped me to do some deeper inner work. Don't stay alone when things go wrong, it's pointless suffering!

Mr. Managing Director Market Switzerland
Thank you very much for your trust, I am honoured by your testimonials.

Fabienne Revillard
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