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Would you like to try a session at coaching to see if it's right for you?
Would you like to try a coach to see if it's right for you?

Les Samedis du Coaching are here for you!

Around 2,000 people supported, nearly a hundred coaches taking part, present first in Geneva, then in Paris and since 2018 in Lausanne too, the Samedis du Coaching remain, since their launch in 2009 by. Fabienne RevillardThe aim is to help and support the local population, as well as offering the opportunity to discover coaching and its many benefits.

Since 2009, Les Samedis du Coaching have been a growing success, welcoming five times a year, more and more participants and coaches motivated by the idea of giving their time and skills for free, in order to help people succeed in their professional, personal and wellness projects, as well as to contribute to raising awareness of the coaching profession practiced by a reliable and certified professional.

Each edition of Samedis du Coaching welcomes a new coach, which keeps the team rotating and constantly renewing itself. The team's certified and hand-picked coaches offer one-hour one-on-one coaching sessions throughout the day and participants register for their session with the coach present who interests them the most, either in advance via the website.

For me, when we work in a helping relationship, our primary goal is to help!
Would you like to receive? Start by giving, completely, with your heart wide open.

Fabienne Revillard

Are you thinking of becoming coach ?
Would you like to be a certified professional?
Would you like to clarify certain points about the profession, professional practice, training courses and career opportunities?

This French-English meetup is for all "budding coaches", whether already trained or not yet!

Regularly solicited by people interested in the coaching profession and its experience (10+ years of experience, 5000+ hours of coaching, 100+ coaches recruited on Samedis du Coaching, and no longer able to receive everyone, Fabienne Revillard decided to create Future Coach in order to share questions and information about her professional experience in a friendly manner, coaching training, coaching practice, coaching schools and training organizations, curricula, certifications, accreditations, specializations, coaching techniques, opportunities, career paths, positioning, postures, core competencies, development opportunities, professional development and other issues related to the coaching profession.

coaching is a fabulous profession! Participating in human progress is a grace, an honor! Let's work together to make the world a better place...

Fabienne Revillard


Let’s find out how to work together and create something meaningful and valuable

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