Coaching de comité de direction

You're unique.
Your uniqueness is our passion.
Your ability to guide, to lead, to stand together counts.

For you. For us. For your employees. For your company. For the world.
Your impact at all levels is important.
So is your collective intelligence, your generative collaboration.


Do you want to optimise the decision-making process of your management team?
Would you like every opinion to be heard?
That the process leading to the decision is as efficient as possible?
That decisions are taken consciously and implemented by every member of the executive committee?

Développement de business

Envie de développer votre business ? D’optimiser votre business model ? D’augmenter votre efficience ?
Vous vous retrouvez trop souvent frustrés par rapport aux résultats décevants d’un processus de planning stratégique ?

Strategic optimisation

Do you want to optimise the execution of your strategies?
Do you want to have a clear strategic vision for all?
Do you want to strengthen collective intelligence, in order to foster generative collaboration and thus lead to informed decisions, brilliant strategies and highly effective solutions?

Collective performance

Envie de maximiser les forces inhérentes à votre comité de direction ?
Envie de tirer le meilleur parti des différences de modes de fonctionnement et de styles de management de chacun ?
Envie d’optimiser l’utilisation des talents personnels pour renforcer les synergies positives au sein de votre équipe? Envie de fonctionner de manière optimale ?

Team building

Do you want to take time out of the office to develop a questioning process and reflect together on important issues?
To see that you are making progress. That you are moving in the right direction together.
Do you want to strengthen the cohesion of your management team? Or even create a sense of competition within your executive committee?

Unlocking the situation

You are facing situations that have been stalled for some time.
Do you want to do everything you can to unblock them?
Do you want to exchange ideas in a climate of security and serenity that allows each director to express his or her point of view more easily?
Do you want not only to come up with solutions and action plans, but also to put them into practice?

Achieve more with less effort

Do you want to stop feeling overwhelmed? To maximise your time management?
Do you want to have the time to work at the quality level that suits you?
Who doesn't dream of doing more, more easily, with less effort?
To become master of your time, to gain serenity is fundamental for high performance levels.
For an in-depth training, see the Leadessence seminars.

Convince, encourage emulation

Do you want to be more convincing as a Codir?
Do you want to strengthen your ability to create emulation?
In general, this requires a detailed analysis of situations and people, a deep awareness of what you want to achieve and why, being able to embody it, giving yourself the means and developing a highly precise communication strategy in parallel.

Corporate culture

Do you want to define together the corporate culture, the DNA of the company, its values, its vision, its mission?
Do you want to optimise your company's branding?
Do you want to embody it in a convincing and attractive way?

Team cooperation

Do you want to optimise cooperation between the various departments in your company?
Do you want to stimulate collaboration between teams in a context of permanent transformation?

Leadership du comité

Envie de renforcer le développement du leadership de votre direction générale prise dans sa globalité ?
Envie de développer une culture d’entreprise fédératrice et attractive ?
Envie de maximiser la réputation de votre entreprise et d’attirer des talents externes ?

Other topics

Reflecting together on a policy for managing conflicts or abrasive employees
Overcome repeated failure to recruit to a key position requiring a review of operating methods, specifications or the organisation chart.
Prepare together a change management process.
Increase customer satisfaction and take advantage of the opportunity to develop joint reflection.

What we do for you

Whether it is in relation to the topics mentioned or for any other need, we will support you in your professional management objectives with a totally tailor-made, high standard, highly confidential approach based on our general approach.

Nous intervenons en général de manière régulière en coaching collectif au niveau de l’équipe dirigeante (coaching de groupe), ainsi que de façon ponctuelle en coaching individuel des membres du comité de direction.

We also organise tailor-made workshops and training courses according to the needs that arise.

Are you a manager, CEO, Managing Director, Executive Director, Managing Partner, Member of the Management Committee (Codir), Member of the Management Team, Company Director (NED)? Our personalised support is tailored to you.

Contact us directly to discuss your needs.

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