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AAA+ | Vision

Let us imagine that every human being is fully developed and fulfilled...
That he/she contributes - through his/her talents, qualities, gifts, etc. - to the development of the project.
and through his activities, both professional and extra-professional, his/her links to others, to his/her environment, to nature -
to make the world a better place.

AAA+ | Mission

To accelerate the growth and development of the potential of our clients, large and small, to achieve what inspires them deeply and to make a positive difference.
To foster their development, fulfilment in a way that is meaningful to them and to the world around them.

AAA+ | Values
AAA+ | Fabienne Revillard

Deeply convinced that the human being is fundamental, and that accomplished people contribute greatly not only to the success of their company(ies), but also to a better world, Fabienne Revillard specializes as a Coach, Trainer and Business Mentor. She helps people and organizations to flourish, to achieve what inspires them, to develop a richer life and to make a positive difference, whether on a small or large scale.

Trained in the art of presence by Eckhart Tolle, certified in Happiness Sciences (neurosciences, positive psychology and evolutionary biology) at the University of California (Berkeley, USA) and with a high level of experience in the corporate field (more than ten years of experience in multinationals in managerial and executive positions), she combines the skills of these two professional fields (psychological - business), acting to deepen awareness and accelerate the development of potential, while being fully qualified on the fundamental issues of the company (strategic-operational levels, internal-external policy).

With an initial Master's degree in International Relations (IUHEID, Geneva) and a diploma in Entrepreneurship and Business Development from the University of Geneva's executive program, Fabienne Revillard has always been fascinated by the way systems and organizations work, and the search for their optimal functioning.

With many years of experience in human and business development, including thousands of hours of coaching and business mentoring, and hundreds of training and team facilitation interventions, Fabienne Revillard is now convinced that much more can be done to promote human fulfilment and the social and environmental contribution of companies, while boosting their success.

She draws from her experience that even if a top-down approach is indispensable, notably by strengthening the internal positioning of leaders and managers, a combination with a bottom-up approach (empowerment of employees concerning their own development and performance) ensures an even more global and sustainable success.

Accompanying people to discover and develop their potential, to go beyond their limits, to connect deeply with themselves and their environment, in order to enable meaningful decisions, actions, behaviours and states of being, is my way of contributing to a better society and a better world.

Fabienne Revillard


AAA+ - we keep our word - we are highly experienced - we achieve high quality

AAA+ - we keep our word - we are highly experienced - we achieve high quality

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