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Job search

Do you want a job that motivates you, makes you want to get up in the morning for a reason that's worth it?
Would you like to strengthen your employability by developing a covering letter and a competitive CV, thanks to a carefully thought-out personal communication plan and a good definition of your self-marketing?
Finally would you like to shine in a job interview by feeling really comfortable, to the point that it becomes a piece of cake?

Stress management, time saving

Would you like to be able to carry out your tasks calmly without counter-productive worries?
Would you like to be able to do more work with less effort?
Would you like to be able to finish your working day with good energy for your family, your extra-professional activities?
Do you want to be satisfied with your work at the end of the day?
Do you want to better manage your tasks and priorities, or even find solutions to optimise your time management?

Emotional Management

Do you want to strengthen your ability to control your emotions?
Do you even want to succeed in lowering the intensity and frequency of your difficult emotions?
Do you have the feeling that you are getting angry, annoyed too frequently, or you feel in a bad mood too often and want to be more serene in general?
Would you like to be able to stop dwelling on it, to stop your obsessive thoughts?

Self-esteem, self-confidence, assertiveness

Do you want to improve your self-esteem, stop devaluing yourself or blaming yourself too much?
Would you like to feel more confident about your ability to achieve your goals?
Would you like to be more assertive, gain respect from others, succeed in expressing / putting forward your ideas, and be able to say no when necessary, without remorse?

Skills assessment and personality tests

Would you like to know where you stand in terms of your professional skills and see if some of them could benefit from being strengthened with a view to professional development or retraining?
Are you interested in taking personality tests to see which traits serve you well and which traits could be improved to achieve your professional goals?
Would you like a totally personalized approach adapted to your needs, no more, no less?

Performance increase, skills development

Do you want to reach your highest potential?
Do you want to define a concrete action plan to increase performance and/or develop skills with a view to professional development and see progress step by step?

Managing difficult working relationships

Would you like more understanding, peace and harmony in this relationship?
Would you like to understand what you can do on your own?
Would you like to check whether this person has a difficult personality and if so, what precautions to take to better manage it?

Support for new starters

Are you taking over a team or a new function and want to put all the chances on your side to ensure a successful transition and success in this new position?
Do you want your professional style and values to be adopted ?
Do you want to put all the chances on your side to strongly motivate your team?

Support in times of restructuring

Would you like to be able to go through this restructuring peacefully, preserving your positive energy, your motivation and the quality of your professional relationships?
Would you like to avoid worrying unnecessarily and remain confident in your ability to bounce back, whatever happens?

Public Speaking

Do you want to be comfortable speaking in public?
Do you want to get your messages across well, so that the audience remembers them and uses them to good effect?

The art of convincing

Would you like to improve your ability to convince, your ability to influence?
This generally requires a detailed analysis of situations and people, a deep awareness of what you want to achieve and why, to be able to embody it, to give yourself the means and to develop at the same time a high-precision communication strategy.

Burnout prevention

Do you want to regain your energy, your enthusiasm?
Do you feel like getting up in the morning and looking forward to your day?
Do you want to be able to think about something other than work, to gain serenity?
Do you want to examine concretely what you can do to get out of this impasse?

Burnout back to activity

Would you like to be able to look forward to your return to work with peace of mind and pleasure?

What we do

We use our toolbox (see our approach) to help and coach you with one or more of these themes, or even with another personal desire/need.

  1. We start by defining and clarifying your individual goals with you
  2. We help you to prioritize them
  3. We help you to reach them, one after the other, in a totally personalised and tailor-made manner.


  • by taking into account the obstacles and constraints that may arise and by providing you with the tools to get around them
  • Encouraging you to make decisions that are within your grasp, moving you forward.
  • by making it easier for you to make the effort over time and to stay on track
  • by promoting understanding and awareness throughout the process, allowing you to take ownership of it
  • by accompanying you step by step to the end, encouraging you to celebrate each intermediate success in order to boost your motivation.

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