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At the age of five, she survived a tragic accident in which she lost her mother. She was seriously injured herself and managed to pull through on her own. From this experience, she integrates the deep conviction that a person's strength is greater than his or her awareness. She also develops an intense love and reverence for life.

She was then placed in a poor host family (her second mother was an Italian immigrant born in 1914, married to a machine worker) and lived through her primary schooling in a chaotic way, due to successive illnesses caused by a very weakened immune system as a result of the multiple anaesthetics she underwent after her accident. She counted up to two thirds of days of absence over a school year, yet she succeeded brilliantly year after year. During this time, she remained fiercely determined to succeed at all costs. All the more so since her second mother, whose tutoring stopped at learning to read, gave her the rest of her childhood, as she would "end up without money under a bridge if she didn't succeed at school". It's an often solitary apprenticeship that she carried out in her room with her notebooks and homework, kindly brought by her classmates. She developed very early and without knowing it then, her ability to learn and improve on her own, her free will, a certain freedom of thought, as well as a great independence to rely on her own abilities and to trust herself.

As a teenager, she opted for a scientific baccalaureate, which today gives her a taste for scientific rigour in the training courses that she sets up and in her interventions in general.

She then followed a bilingual, prestigious and highly multicultural university course (IUHEID Geneva). Thanks to these demanding studies, she has developed a strong ability to go outside her comfort zone, as well as a particularly effective methodology for rapidly developing a satisfactory level of expertise on a large number of extremely varied subjects. It also provides her with an acute awareness of the state of the planet and of humanity, as well as a deep motivation to contribute to improving things.

Following her convictions, she began a career in communications at the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme). Over the next ten years, her penchant for people and the development of optimal workflows led her to accept ever-increasing responsibilities, rapidly culminating in management positions such as management, Member of the Executive Committee of a multinational watchmaking company, and Managing Director of Swiss subsidiaries.

Eventually, after taking an interest in how the world works scientifically, then geopolitically, and finally in the economic functioning of companies and corporate teams, Fabienne Revillard decided to focus primarily on the human. She obtained several diplomas (coach, NLP master practitioner and Ericksonian hypnosis practitioner) and founded AAA+ Coaching & Formations in 2008. She specializes in the functioning of the mind, its impact on personal fulfillment, performance and the ability to achieve what inspires us, as well as the effects of the mind on health.

Accompanying people to discover and develop their potential, to go beyond their limits, to connect deeply with themselves and their environment, in order to enable meaningful decisions, actions, behaviours and states of being, is my way of contributing to a better society and a better world.

Fabienne Revillard

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I would like to thank all the people who have come a long way with me and who, through their being, their differences, their visions, their opinions, their energy, their behaviours, their discussions, their sharing, their support, have allowed me to grow to be who I am today and to develop my coaching skills, so that they can best serve my clients.

Some of these people continue to share their journey with me today and I am deeply happy that they are part of my life. I am sure they will recognize themselves.

Others have taken other paths, but their contributions are always present. Sometimes they have grown even wider, and I am deeply grateful to them.

Still others have simply crossed my path at one time or another (and probably don't remember) and gave me a gift, mostly unconscious, a smile, a piece of advice, a joke, a compliment, a fair reaction, a warm gesture, an exemplary behaviour... A big thank you too.

Many thanks to each and every one of my customers (individuals and institutions), for the wonderful thing about this profession of coach, trainer, business mentor, is that it brings as much, and sometimes even more, to those who practice it. A big thank you for your authenticity, your desire to change for the better, and for the confidence you've shown in me by exposing me to a wide variety of instructive situations.

They inspired me and still do.

Eckhart Tolle

Matthieu Ricard

Lao Tzu

Robert Dilts

Thitch Nath Hahn

Christophe André

Alexandre Jollien

Tal Ben Shahar

Jon Kabat Zinn

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Marcus Aurelius

And many more...


I feel a deep gratitude to:

My grandfather Max Revillard, now deceased, for his kindness, his wisdom, the fact that he taught me to think for myself rather than blindly following the rules and the fact that he always believed in me.

My second Italian mother, Iginia Fehr, now deceased, for all her love and the values she patiently made grow in me, such as honesty, hard work, humility, honour, hospitality, generosity...

My grandmother Emilie Revillard, now deceased, for her love, her humour, her rebellious side, her deep generosity and her taste for life.

Caroline Momot, my very first therapist, who opened my eyes to a world that was new to me at the time, that of working on oneself, of self-awareness and self-affirmation, and who helped me go through a dark period in my life and come out of it stronger.

Anne Robert, also my therapist, who has been so supportive, helps me grow in awareness, clear positioning, communication in difficult situations, and self-control.


Thanks to Jean-François Hartwig from Optimize and Raphaël Michel & Camille Trinquart from scratch for the beautiful collaboration that led to this website.

Thank you with all my heart

Fabienne Revillard