Coaching board of directors

You're unique.
Your uniqueness is our passion.

Your experience, your ability to anticipate new trends, to guide, to lead, counts.
It matters to you. It matters to us. For your company. For your shareholders. For the world.
Your impact at every level is important.
So is your collective intelligence and generative collaboration.

Convince, encourage emulation

Would you like to develop your ability to influence?
Would you like to be a subtle guide?
Would you like to improve your ability to convince and inspire?
Would you like to deepen the art of questioning with skill and patience, in order to better motivate people to make the right decisions, maximize results and return on investment (ROI), and promote effective change management?
As Chairman of the Board or Director (NED), your ability to influence is usually essential. At the same time, forcing yourself to take a back seat at operational level is no easy task. All this requires a fine-tuned awareness of what's at stake, of personal patterns, and of the personalities and motivations of all stakeholders.

Tension management

As a director, you may have interests that conflict with those of another director. This leads to differences of opinion and often tensions that can degenerate into conflict and bring the board to a standstill.
Are you faced with a situation that has been dragging on for some time?
Would you like to do everything in your power to break the deadlock?
Would you like to exchange ideas in a climate of security and serenity, making it easier for each director to express his or her point of view?
Would you like to facilitate communication to clarify positions and reach decisions by consensus or, failing that, by majority vote?
Would you like to increase the fluidity of interactions between members and overcome conflicts?

Collective performance

Do you want to maximize your board's inherent strengths?
Would you like to make the most of differences in operating methods and management practices?
Do you want to optimize the use of personal talents to reinforce positive synergies within your board?
Would you like to get 100% of your members to contribute at 100% of their potential?
Overcome unconscious team dynamics and hidden motivations that can derail board work, to optimize the risk management inherent in the human component?
Do you want to strengthen cohesion within the Board, so as to consolidate a position of strength in relation to the Executive Committee?
Would you like to operate at optimum efficiency?

Strategic optimisation

Do you want to optimize your strategy execution management?
Do you want to have a clear strategic vision for everyone?
Would you like to strengthen collective intelligence, in order to foster generative collaboration and thus lead to informed decisions, brilliant strategies and highly effective solutions?
Would you like to find the right balance between supporting and challenging the CEO and the management committee?
In general, this requires a detailed analysis of situations and people, and a deep awareness of what's at stake for each person, what you want to achieve and why. You need to be able to embody this and give yourself the means to do so, while at the same time developing a high-precision communications strategy.

Achieve more with less effort

Want to stop feeling overwhelmed? Maximize your time management? Optimize your stress management?
Do you want to have the time to work at the level of quality that suits you?
Who doesn't dream of doing more, more easily, with less effort?
As an administrator, it's essential to make decisions with a cool head. You need to be able to stand back and not be overwhelmed, so you can take action.
Regaining control of your time and serenity is fundamental to achieving high levels of performance.

For in-depth training, see Leadessence seminars.

Charisma reinforcement

Want to be even more charismatic?
Combining the impact of public speaking with individualized consideration for your interlocutors can greatly enhance your charisma.
This requires different skills, and directors are often better at one or the other. Developing your high-potential skills, as well as your interpersonal skills, to perform on both levels generally requires work on yourself.

Theme covered at coaching . For more in-depth training, see leadership .

Courage in your choices, in your decisions

Would you like to be able to take responsibility for your choices and decisions more easily and with greater peace of mind?
Directors often find themselves on their own when it comes to taking responsibility for their choices and decisions. This requires a solid posture , solid self-esteem, good self-confidence, balanced assertiveness, and a certain ability to overcome ego, so as not to be influenced by fear of criticism or damage to self-image.

Seamless success

Do you want to optimize your leadership, assert your legitimacy, your know-how, adapt fluidly to each person, each circumstance?
Do you want to be able to reach a state of high performance at will, in which every thought, every word and every gesture is right?
This often requires careful situational analysis, vigilance of your own reactions and, sometimes, reprogramming of unconscious reflex attitudes.
Often referred to as a state of flow, "the zone" is achieved through an optimal level of stress, including a commitment to the task beyond oneself.

For more information, visit coaching . For in-depth training, see leadership and Leadessence seminars.

What we do for you

Whether it's a question of one of the above topics or any other need, we can help you achieve your governance objectives with a totally customized, high-standard, highly confidential approach built on our general approach.

In general, we work on a regular basis coaching at board level (coaching group), and on an occasional basis coaching individual board members.

We also organise tailor-made workshops and training courses according to the needs that arise.


In addition, we provide Executive coaching support at Board of Directors meetings to

  • Reduce tensions and prevent conflicts
  • Respecting session time management
  • Prioritize the key points to be discussed with the Codir.
  • Ensure that all agenda items are dealt with within the allotted time.
  • Also ensure that all directors express their views and that everyone is listened to.
  • Work towards consensus or, failing that, a majority decision.
  • Encourage the use of collective intelligence and individual contributions to fertilize generative collaboration.
  • Bring out solutions that nobody had thought of before.
  • Strengthen relations between directors, team cohesion and motivation.

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Are you the Chairman of a Board of Directors, a Company Director (NED), an Executive Officer, a CEO, a Managing Director, an Executive Officer, a Managing Partner, a Member of a Management Committee (Codir), a Member of a Management Team? Our personalized support is tailored to you.

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