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Améliorer la productivité
Improve productivity

The performance of your organisation matters.
It matters to you. To us. For your employees. For the world.
People are the key to your company’s success.
They want to develop their potential to contribute more.

Séminaire Leadership exécutif

By strengthening the performance and efficiency of teams
By using collective intelligence to achieve higher results
By developing personal leadership in communicating with a group, public speaking, etc.
By developing strategic and political leadership, internally and externally
By influencing and by practicing the art of convincing
By integrating high level tactics on decision making support
By deepening self-knowledge to maximize leadership.

Séminaire Leadership senior

Fundamental elements for optimal team performance.
Integration of concrete tools to motivate, empower, engage and strengthen the skills of its employees.
Reinforcement of discernment on the adequacy of the tools used in relation to the objectives sought and the specificities of the people involved.
Development of leadership in relation to hierarchy.
Integration of self-knowledge tools to strengthen leadership.

Leadership Essentials Seminar

Understanding of leadership
Recognizing and avoiding big mistakes at the start of the job
Integrating concrete tools relating to the basics of performance in team management
Defining one's own leadership style
Identifying the main categories of personalities and adaptation of your personality to optimize the motivation and commitment of your team.

Séminaire Leadership au féminin

Understanding Women's Leadership
Discernment concerning the use of feminine and/or masculine qualities in relation to objectives and situations
Overcoming female-specific difficulties for optimal performance
Strategies for change in male-dominated worlds
Work on your voice, stabilize it, place it...
This seminar can be combined with the program of any of the previous seminars depending on the level of experience of the participants.

Leadership Lunch & Learn

Short modules (maximum 2 hours, during the lunch break or at another time) developed on specific leadership themes, often based on the latest research and strategies in the field, à la carte, for diverse groups, motivated to learn and develop with continuing education.

Other seminars available

Developing high performance teams
Conflict management
Relationship management
Emotional Management
The art of communication, speaking in public
Competence assessment

What we do
Immediate integration of knowledge

Developed for demanding audiences, our leadership seminars aim at an immediate and optimal integration of knowledge, know-how, interpersonal skills and concrete tools, thanks to a pedagogically paced combination of :

  • theoretical contributions
  • interactive discussions
  • simulation games
  • scenarios
  • situational analysis
  • individual exercises
  • group work

With over 20 years of experience in training and having developed hundreds of themes and programs, we are able to combine them to finely tune your request.

  1. We start by defining and clarifying your needs and objectives with you.
  2. We offer you a tailor-made intervention that specifically meets your needs, including the level and number of participants, the duration and timing, and the appropriate training locations.
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Au bénéfice d’une solide expérience pratique en multinationales, Fabienne Revillard possède une excellente maîtrise de son sujet, ce qui en fait une interlocutrice de poids, disposant d’une autorité naturelle, associée à une forte capacité motivationnelle face à une audience pointue et exigeante. Très efficace lors de ses interventions en anglais, elle sait facilement garder l’attention d’un groupe pouvant atteindre 40 personnes, principalement des hommes actifs de haut niveau

Céline Wolfson, Coordinator of the Diploma of Advanced Studies in Commodity Trading, Université de Genève

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Les retours de nos participants étant particulièrement positifs, Mme F. Revillard intervient de manière régulière, chaque année auprès de notre banque avec le programme Leadership complet (niveaux de base, senior et exécutif).
Nous avons pu constater son professionnalisme et sa finesse dans la compréhension des besoins de nos collaborateurs. Son côté avenant, ouvert et sympathique lui permet de créer facilement un lien avec son audience et de capter l’attention des participants en continu. La structure de ses formations est particulièrement bien adaptée.

Romaine Jordan, Deputy Director, BCGE

Service provided by a high level professional capable of generating enthusiasm

and to keep the attention of sharp and demanding audiences

What we offer

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