Leadessence Retreat

Creating programs that transform. Deeply.
Beyond mental strength

Your fulfilment counts.
For you. For us. For your company. For the world.
Your personal achievement is important.
So is your energy, your enthusiasm, your willingness to contribute to the growth of your company, to make a positive difference in the world.

Improve your leadership for a richer life

Do you want:
to contribute to more than just yourself,
to fluid success,
to live and deploy the best version of you,
to find that energy swarming with enthusiasm,
to make a positive difference,
to realize yourself more deeply
and to contribute to the growth of your business?

Pure performance, beyond mental strength

Do you want to connect deeply with your inner strength?
Do you want to check whether you are still in tune with your own values?
Would you like to refine your vision?
Do you want brilliant ideas, highly effective solutions, unsuspected shortcuts?
Do you want to make wise choices and set intelligent priorities, in line with your own values?
Do you dream of simultaneous improvements: in relation to you (work, relationships, health), your company and beyond?

Reconnection, recovery, resourcing

Do you feel the need to recover, to recharge, to regenerate?
Would you like to recharge your batteries, gain serenity and health?

What we do

We invite you to a retreat in a preserved, comfortable place, in the middle of nature for 3 days during which we propose :

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Time for individual and group reflection
  • A physical activity promoting neuronal connections, adapted to all levels of ability.
  • Training in consciousness, presence and reflective thinking (overcoming the mind for more accuracy and performance)
  • Exchanges, authenticity, benevolence
  • A respect for your biological clock

The place, pace and food are specifically selected to gain energy, clarify one's thinking and achieve optimal performance without effort.
A light preparation the week before the seminar is also planned.

Practical information

Seminar for non executive directors (NED), executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, directors and managers, given by a high level professional, trained in the art of presence by Eckhart Tolle and with many years of experience in the field of business and mental performance. See profile.
Group of up to 15 people

Let’s find out how to work together and create something meaningful and valuable


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What we offer

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