Happiness, Health & Success Masterclass

From Science to Practice
Happiness, Health & Success Masterclass

High value-added program,
designed for sustainable progress of the

Your well-being matters.
It matters to you. To us. To those around you. To the world.
Your development is important.
Your success at all levels is important.

Recovering balance

Feeling good gives us more energy, dynamism, optimism and allows us to protect our health, as well as to better succeed in our relationships, our work, our activities...
Moreover, taking care of yourself is essential to feel good, healthier, and release positive energies for others around you!

Stop negative synergies

Depression, mood disorders, seasonal depression, irritability, constant devaluation, melancholy, malaise and sadness are too frequent...
But also sleep disorders, eating disorders, stress, anxiety, difficulty getting up in the morning, demotivation, loss of energy, loss of interest, lack of self-confidence, concerns about mental health...
Unfortunately, these conditions are becoming more and more frequent, regardless of age group.
Moreover, the more these negative synergies take hold, the less energy you will have to ensure your health.
However, it is possible to stop them and decide to give yourself the means to improve your well-being.

Be the best version of yourself!

The happiest, the healthiest, the most successful, at all levels!

Masterclass (combining neuroscience, positive psychology and evolutionary biology) coupled with intensive (but easy) training to fit busy schedules. Transform yourself for the better!
Open to all.
Non-invasive, drug-free method with excellent results (80% improvement on average for 90% of participants).
This program is also highly recommended as a complement to medication or therapy, as it reinforces and deepens their effects.


Happiness and its positive effects at all levels depend largely on oneself: with the right knowledge and targeted exercises, it can be maintained and deepened...
Each module introduces a different tool, allows you to test it directly during the module and encourages you to practice it daily thanks to the "happiness boosters" (a few minutes of specific daily training).
Little by little you will feel better and better and you will notice that this state of mind will become more and more lasting. After a few months, you will notice positive changes in all areas of your life.
Modules of 2 hours every two weeks to discover how!

This masterclass is also available in-house, in a version adapted to professional requirements under the title "Well-being, health and performance, from science to practice".

Happiness is a positive synergy that feeds itself.

By simply being happier, you improve

  • your mental health: depression, mood disorders, seasonal depression, irritability, constant devaluation, melancholy, malaise, frequent sadness, stress and risk of burnout, anxiety, difficulty getting up in the morning, demotivation, loss of energy, loss of interest...
  • your physical health and immune system: health and safety (fewer accidents), chronic aches, colds, sleep and eating disorders, and many others...
  • your work: motivation, self-confidence, self-esteem, stress management, ability to disconnect, productivity, quality of work, memory and concentration, interesting jobs, more satisfaction, happiness at work, more likely to be hired, more income, better evaluations from the hierarchy and even more likely to receive a pay increase and promotion
  • your overall performance: at work, athletic, intellectual, competitive, more speed, efficiency, energy, better quality of relaxation, better perceived by others
  • your relationships at all levels: better quality, more friendships, love (more likely to marry, to have fulfilled children), family, work relationship, better relational intelligence, better emotional management
  • your well-being, your personal life, your quality of life
  • Your environment : More positive radiation with snowball effect on others ---> contribution to a better world!
Feel better! If not for yourself, at least for others!

Want to boost one or more of these points?

What if all we had to do was just be happier, more often...

Sound counter-intuitive, even simplistic? Find out what studies from Harvard, Berkeley, London Business School, Yale and others have to say on the subject...

The masterclass "Happiness, health and success, from science to practice" program combines theory and practical exercises over three terms (you can enrol by term), to ensure lasting changes.
Indeed, according to the work of Alvaro Pascual Leone, Professor of Neurology at Harvard, it takes around 6 months of training to see significant changes in the brain areas concerned. In short, it takes 6 months for your efforts to become lasting achievements.

Particularly suited to busy schedules, this course teaches you the latest scientific discoveries in the field, while in itself consisting of in-depth training. Each module allows you to discover a different lever of happiness and consequently to improve your quality of life, improve your work and improve your living conditions.

What if I'm already happy?

CONGRATULATIONS ! This course is for you too, the benefits will be even greater !

It's for happy people as well as less happy people!
Happiness is a state that varies easily according to the hazards of life. We can constantly reinforce it, cultivate it, maintain it...
In addition, what you learn can be useful to those around you.

Want to make a gift ?

Gift vouchers are available

For your loved ones, yourself or... your less loved ones!
Happiness causes snowball effect! The happier we are, the more pleasant, dynamic and positive we are, and the happier we make the people around us as well?

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Practical information

Masterclass for anyone interested, no previous training required, given by a high-level professional with a degree in the Science of Happiness (neuroscience, positive psychology, evolutionary biology) from the University of California, Berkeley see profile
Group of 15 people maximum
Location: Cabinet AAA+, 11 Av. Vibert, 1227 Carouge

Friendly and warm atmosphere, small committee, listening and personalized advice.

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We wanted to offer our employees serious tools to increase their own level of well-being, and hence their performance. The "Well-being and performance, from science to practice" training course, designed by Fabienne Revillard, is a unique, cutting-edge and demanding course, very well referenced at scientific level, combining theory and practical exercises and providing concrete, quantified reports on participants' progress. When the course was first introduced, it was enthusiastically received, with very positive feedback not only from participants, but also from other employees, congratulating us on this initiative. The results observed after three years clearly prove that the training enables us to significantly increase the lasting happiness of our employees. Fabienne Revillard is deeply committed to ensuring a consistently high level of quality, and is a real pleasure to work with.

Tania Millet, Learning and Development Manager, Pictet Academy

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