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Career progression

Have you been analyzing your career path for some time now? Wondering about your professional development, wanting to put your skills and abilities to better use, finding a position that suits you even better?

Transition professional

Do you care about your career development? Do you want to rediscover passion, projects that move, colleagues who bring real added value?

Professional reorientation

Are you considering reorientation? Do you have the impression that another field would suit you better? Have you been carried away by opportunities so far and would like to take the time this time to REALLY choose what is right for you?


Would you like to find a job that involves tasks and responsibilities that nourish and inspire you, for which you make full use of your skills and which, on a broader level, really contribute to a need in the world, a need that, moreover, really matters to you?

Life Mission

Looking for your reason, your Ikigai?
Do you want to commit yourself totally and in a way that is right for you?

Search for meaning

Do you want to find a position that really makes sense for you, in relation to who you are deeply, as well as in relation to what really matters to you more broadly?

Promotion & internal mobility

Your professional development is important. Do you want to take on more responsibility, gain recognition, increase your decision-making power, optimize your skills management, leadership, contribute more?

What we do

We help you with

Define your next step

Thanks to a personalized change support and with the help of different means (see our approach), which can also include and à la carte :

  • Clarification of your professional situation and your professional objectives,
  • a tailor-made skills assessment adapted to your needs,
  • personality tests,
  • the Ikigai tool and others if needed.

Reach your goal

  • by taking into account the obstacles and constraints that may arise and the possibilities of bypassing them, 
  • a definition of the short, medium and possibly long-term steps that could include capacity building, training, etc.., 
  • a carefully developed action plan to allow you to achieve maximum efficiency with minimum effort and optimal time management
  • including, if necessary, a strategic self-positioning, a personal communication plan, a strategy for internal/external networking and increased visibility, political reinforcement and self-assertion

Ready to boost your career?

Are you an Executive, Administrator, Director, Manager, Entrepreneur, Project Manager? We adapt our professional support to you.

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