"When men work together, mountains turn to gold. "Chinese proverb
A huge thank you to Fabienne Revillard for the quality of her Masterclass!

I didn't realize how much happiness could be learned and cultivated through theoretical examples and practice!

A.G. Comedian | 22.01.23
With AAA+, I had a real partner to prepare my application. How to analyse an advertisement, identify the requirements of the position and answer them with relevance in an application file? What structure and language keys to adopt? There is no doubt that the coaching maximised my chances and allowed me to be better prepared for the interviews. Thank you for your help!

I. F. Communication Manager
I was very impressed with the quality of the personal analysis I received, which enabled me to identify my personal skills and to use them to the full in a stressful situation such as a job interview. By having an excellent training, I felt in better control of myself and in better capacity of my potential.

Mr S. Public Transport
I was fired after 20 years in the company because I did not systematically validate the opinions of the management. This made me lose my self-confidence and destabilized me, I thought I wouldn't find a job again. From the very first session at AAA+, Fabienne Revillard made me understand that my worries were natural, but that they were blocking me and that the only thing to do was to prepare my communication well in order to put all the chances aside and find a job again. Over the course of the sessions, I regained my self-esteem and this negative experience diminished in importance. I regained my self-esteem after three months and I am very happy. Thank you very much for everything.

E. S. Laborantin
A quality coaching, a fair listening, useful techniques to acquire, thanks to AAA+ for helping me to progress in my personal and professional life.

A.C. Analyst
From the very beginning I felt that it would help me in depth in my professional and private field to make the advancements and reorganizations I wanted to make. It was immediately beneficial.
Afterwards, there were very concrete results quickly, small but very significant steps, big but very enriching steps. It was, and still is, a high quality learning and sharing experience.
Fabienne Revillard's benevolence, great experience, and know-how are very strong qualities, and I have recommended her to many of my friends and acquaintances.
Several people around me say yes but I can coach myself I may answer them but for me to have an experienced person in front of me who understands, accompanies you, advises you is a real chance.

R. G. Producer, Audiovisual Director
Thank you for the special attention and delicacy that you put into identifying my problems and finding solutions. Thank you for your professionalism and your skills

L. D. Psychotherapist
My experience with AAA+ Coaching was first an opportunity to observe a life journey, then to better understand the mechanisms that articulate my professional and personal achievements. I come out of this introspective adventure enriched and stronger to undertake a possible change in my professional life.

N., Deputy Director, Banking Sector
I wanted to change my professional orientation and I met Fabienne in order to update my CV. These few sessions were revealing and very encouraging: the desired change was not only possible, but with a few tools and an adequate and personalized approach, I could put forward my abilities in the most appropriate way possible.

F. A. sales assistant
A very interesting human experience, carried out smoothly, but which obliges one to question oneself and to progress.

S. S. Quality Manager
Fabienne was a trigger, in that she made me realize that the negative emotions I felt about the situation that had been imposed on me were completely legitimate. She was a precious support so that I could regain my self-confidence, especially in terms of my professional skills. She helped me to recover from the burnout faster and thanks to her advice I found a new job in just a few months!

V., Communication Manager
I was in contact with Madame Revillard for about 10 sessions. These sessions were very helpful at a very specific time in my life. I had the feeling that I met a person with great listening and analytical skills, with whom you want to open up and find solutions to your concerns. Madame Revillard was a great help to me. And I can only recommend her to anyone who would like to meet a quality coach.

P., HR Consultant
I had the feeling that I was considered the way I am, not because it's good, but because it's like that and it will help me understand myself and admit myself. I liked the tone of the interviews... the ability to laugh and cry... to be serious, even serious, but not to take yourself seriously. The feeling of having in front of you a reassuring and complicit but not deceiving person.

S., Head of an architectural office
A strong desire for professional changes, to (re)take control of my life, had been holding me back for several years without being able to get out of it. AAA+ opened the doors for me, providing me with some keys, notably by making me aware of the impact of past traumas on my current way of functioning. The locks have fallen, the long-awaited change is now on its way.

M., Scientific Collaborator
Coaching has allowed me to go deep inside myself and draw the resources I needed to make the changes that were necessary in my life in a calm and serene way. The coach sets the rhythm, breathes the energy, but lets us compose our song in our own way at all times. Coaching is a place of listening, respect, tolerance, but also an incentive to ask the right questions.

N., Nurse
Listening, caring, valuing, I understood that I was not alone in this situation, I regained self-confidence and good self-esteem, both privately and professionally. I no longer dare to assert myself without fear of displeasing others. I feel like doing things again and reaching out to others. I am better at sorting out what people say and throwing away what is not good. My relationships are evolving in a very positive direction! And many people around me are changing too. AAA+ Coaching to regain self-confidence!

C., Journalist
This coaching made me realize that life was not meant to be lived. One deserves the right to redirect it so that it can be fulfilled. This involves going through difficult phases, but once the work is done, it's really worth it!

C., Manager, Event and Logistics Service, Multinational Watch Company
We all need a coach, both people who are performing well to be more successful and people who suffer from obstacles to achieve their goals. AAA+ is a real investment that can only boost your life. Don't ask yourself any more questions and call a real coach, call AAA+!

Y., Accountant
Listening, non-judgment, personalized advice and upward training have given me more self-confidence and less fear about my choices. I think differently, more positively by implementing as many new mechanisms as possible.

S., Architect
Discover my resources and potential. Move forward with my projects and reach my goal. This is what coaching with Fabienne has brought me.

C.-L., Consultant & Trainer in Human Relations and Communication
The sessions with Fabienne gave me the necessary impetus to profile my professional activity, clearly and convincingly, and to "show" myself more to my target audiences. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Fabienne!

J. S. Practitioner The Journey, Communication Specialist
AAA+ helped me to believe in myself, from the first session I felt comfortable and that's important!

C. A. R. Administrative Secretary
In just a few dates Fabienne Revillard helped me to start to get out of a big depression. With her warm welcome, her sympathetic listening and her encouragement, I felt supported and reassured that everything was going to go well and that's exactly what happened. Thank you for this precious help.

S. H. Communication manager
Today the structures of my profile during interviews are better, I have more distance in the approach of some (bad) past experiences and more ease in discussing my professional career.

L., Financial Controller
In spite of an important professional life and practicing several self-coaching instruments, I needed the very delicate look and apprehension of F. Revillard. The advice that followed was of the same quality and its implementation was very profitable for me.

L., Socio-Economist
Last June, I met you for a one-hour session as part of the Samedis du Coaching at the Brasserie des Halles in Geneva. As an educational research assistant, I had been looking for a job that offered me more challenges and responsibilities for more than a year and a half and I had come to you rather discouraged. You had motivated me a lot and you had helped me to rework my C.V. When I changed my resume based on your recommendations, I got more interviews than in the past and at the end of November, I finally found my dream job as a scientific assistant. I am really very happy and I wanted to thank you for meeting me and giving me the courage and motivation to continue my application. I really felt that our one-hour interview gave my job search a new lease of life.

E., Scientific Assistant
AAA+ allowed me in 3 sessions to redefine my CV by adapting it to my interlocutors. Today I apply differently and things are changing...

E., airport employee
A single coaching session can sometimes open such doors that your whole life changes! It was after my first meeting with Fabienne Revillard that I made the decision to train professionally in coaching. Yes, such a profession really exists and practicing it the way she does it radiates enthusiasm.

S., Therapist
Having a lot of doubts about my professional future, I wanted to follow coaching sessions in order to get my ideas and priorities in order. From the first session, we worked concretely on my CV, as well as on my new ideas and orientations. This helped me from the very beginning to understand myself better and to better manage my desires without leaving too much room for fears of being wrong. At the end of the third session, I felt full of energy and motivation. I hadn't necessarily found answers to all my questions, but I wasn't so scared anymore and I felt able to face a little more of the unknown in a more serene way.

C., Contractor
Fabienne Revillard brought me many ideas, suggestions and positive strengths during my coaching. She immediately knew how to identify the situation and make a balance between what I needed to eliminate and what I needed to work on. Her sensitivity and professionalism allowed her to explain complex concepts simply and to help me progress. I am very grateful to her for that.

A., Economist
AAA+ has helped me to position myself in my profession with a different perspective. Without the usual glasses you have the feeling that you see less, while you finally see a lot of things in a different, positive and constructive way. So we are active in all directions, to finally find more meaning. Thank you very much!

S., Event Manager
Fabienne Revillard was able to communicate adequately and guide me in discovering the strong and weak points of the situations I was experiencing professionally, which allowed me to become aware of and step back from myself and the people I was dealing with. I understood something very important in the way I behaved and spoke and all this has changed positively since then on a professional and even personal level. Continuing to help people in difficulty as I have been, it has been very beneficial.

A., Project Manager
A structuring approach and a quality exchange clarified my professional positioning, as a woman and according to my skills. I am now determined in my function and my relationships at work. Positive encounters!

O., Administrative Assistant, with a degree in Literature
Coaching is something that everyone should try at least once in their life, we discover a lot about ourselves, being guided and advised little by little it teaches us that we can dare to do things, whether on a professional or personal level.

J., Travel Agent
I liked Fabienne Revillard's human approach to understanding my profile. The advice was relevant. They really helped me progress. I recommend the firm AAA +.

O., Accountant
When I decided to contact Fabienne Revillard, I had a great need to find help from someone anonymous and neutral to whom I could confide painful things that I have experienced since I was a child and that have rotted my life. Thank you Fabienne.

M., Medical Secretary
The professionalism of the coach and her efficient tools helped me to move forward. The positive effects were immediate on my functioning and I was able to be an actor of my own change. Become an actor of your own change, regain self-confidence and move forward!

E., RH Manager
I was interested in an individual and non-medical (psychological) approach. I was looking for a targeted accompaniment on specific points that were part of problems that I know well, but for which I was not able to find on my own the strategies to be implemented to activate a process of improvement and/or change of the suffering experienced. I was able to solve, in the sense of externalizing the problem lived punctually especially as other elements surfaced, which allowed me to calm down the emotional pressure. What touched me very strongly yesterday, today almost doesn't touch me anymore (remains the bitter taste...).

L., Bank clerk
In the context of a job search, the coaching helped me to better understand my aspirations and expectations, to better value my skills, thus enabling me to prepare myself well for job interviews. This is one of the aspects of my coaching, because we saw a lot of other important things as well.

T., Communication Manager
I came to see Fabienne Revillard because I was wondering about my job as a coach (I was in training at the time). I had some ideas and I thought they would be rather unrealistic. I submitted them to Fabienne, she listened to me, led me to ask myself the real questions, to unravel my anxieties, and she gave me deadlines (challenges). What I've undertaken since then has nothing to do with my initial questions, but I was able to undertake them, thanks in particular to my work with Fabienne. The important thing is to follow her aspirations without fear of failure. And Fabienne has been able to help me do that!

P., Sociologist
I have regained a bit of self-confidence thanks to your good advice and I am really satisfied with the finalization of my CV, I update it regularly according to the recipient. I really liked your frankness! Thank you

S., Modeler
I was particularly interested in the external vision in relation to the way I interpret reality, the word of synthesis is a very powerful tool to raise awareness.

M., Student & IT Employee
I feel more valued and have more confidence following the almost complete overhaul of my CV, including the definition of my profile, my objectives and my successes. F. Revillard has helped me to activate memories and bring out successes / professional milestones that I had forgotten. She also helped me to find very targeted words, impacting on the optimization of my communication.

C., Asset Manager
Coaching allowed me to go through with my project and to succeed! Thanks to my coach's more rational approach to my problems, I was able to overcome them and move forward.

V., Social Educator
The activation of memories and the emergence of successes / professional milestones that I had forgotten allowed me to almost completely overhaul my CV using very targeted words. This has included the precise definition of my profile and my objectives, which has resulted in me feeling more valued, more confident.

G., Project Manager
The doors to success will always open for those who look at things differently!

P., Banking Consultant
The coaching-PNL interviews allowed me to make strategic choices at both professional and private level in line with my values. Thank you for this.

E., Retail POP Coordinator, European headquarters of a multinational company
Until today, I thought making a resume was a formality. With the AAA+ method I not only got a great result on paper, but I did a real work on myself and it gave me incredible energy. I really recommend this technique to everyone, but especially to those who are out of work. A just perfect investment, since it's an investment for oneself!!!

Mr., Artist, Singer
Thank you very much for your trust, I am honoured by your testimonials.

Fabienne Revillard
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