Sabine Pellarin

"Helping everyone discover their true nature, to blossom and contribute to the world with their unique talents, this is what has driven me for years and is the basis of my coaching approach."

Sabine Pellarin


15 years of corporate experience in international environments

12 years of individual coaching experience in coaching and therapy

10 years of experience as a musician in Switzerland and abroad

8 years' experience as a trainer, workshop leader and group leader coaching


French, English

Modes of Intervention

In companies


In practice in Geneva

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Throughout my varied professional career in Switzerland and abroad, I have had the chance to experience both the codified world of large companies and the more bohemian world of artists. From these two seemingly contradictory worlds, I have learned a great deal, in particular how to identify what really corresponds to me on a daily basis.

In these two worlds, I have observed a number of people with promising or even confirmed potential find themselves stuck, stressed, exhausted, out of touch and completely out of step with their aspirations and their deepest nature.

Having also experienced this "fragmentation" or rather this "dichotomy" within myself, I have learned, little by little, to reconnect to a more authentic way of being and to leave aside my "voluntarist" tendency. By allowing life to take more and more its place within me, joyful and transformative impulses naturally arise for myself and others.

Today, I accompany people who wish to find and realize the same type of reconnection with themselves. This process naturally leads to more joy and fulfillment in daily life as well as a greater capacity to be TRULY YOURSELF in all circumstances while expressing your deepest talents.

With the benefit of numerous trainings in the field of therapy and accompaniment as well as my experience as an artist and musician, I offer a unique, totally personalized accompaniment, mixing therapeutic expertise, meditation and a sometimes surprising intuition.

Main areas of intervention:

  • Coaching oriented on Being
  • Reconnecting with your Essence, your natural state of Being
  • Reunited with an innate and inspired leadership
  • Rediscover your dreams and unique talents
  • Setting up and supporting projects that really fit you
  • Re-emergence of your joie de vivre, your drive and your enthusiasm
  • Development of harmonious relationships
  • Serenity, self-confidence
  • Coaching and coaching based on Being -> expertise, alignment, authenticity, know-how and pleasure


    Coaching of Life

    Self-esteem, Self-confidence, Periods of transition, Finding meaning, Work-life balance, Managing difficult relationships, Managing emotions, Deepening awareness, Alignment, Fulfillment, Art of Presence, Neutral and caring support in difficult times, Periods of transition, Well-being

    Coaching de Carrière, Bilans de Compétences, Outplacement

    Professional fulfilment, Search for meaning, Self-fulfilment, Life mission, Ikigai, Reorientation, Transition, Reconversion

    Coaching Professional

    Job search: CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, interview preparation according to the AAA+ method (+90% return to employment rate) Stress management, Emotional management, Difficult professional relationships, Time management and organization, Self-affirmation, Public speaking, Convincing, Pressure and performance management, Professional progress, Positioning, Alignment, Congruence, Self-confidence, Self-esteem

    Executive Coaching | Cadres | Dirigeants

    Charisma and leadership , The art of presence, Work-life balance, Delegation, Time and stress management, Convincing speech, Coaching and motivating teams, The art of giving feedback, Management bienveillant

    Artists | Freelancers

    Strategic vision, How to sell yourself, Believe in yourself, Networking, Communication tools, Support for the development of your activities, Self-esteem, Self-confidence

    Coaching in Health and Nutrition

    Lifestyle, Increase your energy, Recover, Rebuild after a Burnout

    Love Coaching

    Self-esteem, Emotional independence, Finding love, Fulfilling relationships, Communication within a couple, Expressing your needs, The 5 Love Languages, Looking to the future after a breakup


    Trainer experience +8 years

    Companies | Individuals | Face to face | Distance learning

    Multidisciplinary approach (personal development, well-being, public speaking, stress management, conflict management, relationship management, emotional management, connection to one's intuition, EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique, job search - CV, cover letter, interview preparation...)

    Possibility of quickly setting up interactive and participative customized training courses that satisfy both the client and the participants.


    Companies | Individuals | Face to face | Distance learning

    Letting go, Meditation, Art of presence, Connection to oneself

    Professional experience

  • Founder of Amalaya.ch - Coaching, Therapy, Training, Workshops
  • 12 years of individual coaching experience in coaching and therapy
  • 8 years' experience as a trainer, workshop leader and group leader coaching
  • 15 years of corporate experience in international environments
  • 10 years of experience as a musician in Switzerland and New York City (performances, teaching, production)

  • Titles and diplomas related to Coaching

  • In progress: FSEA Trainer / Training Facilitator Certificate - formationS.ch Geneva (2023)
  • Sedona Method Facilitator training (2022)
  • NLP Master Practitioner Certificate - Graines d'Éveil (2017)
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis Master Practitioner Certificate - ID Com International (2017)
  • Certificate in Happiness Science (neuroscience, positive psychology and evolutionary biology), California University, Berkeley, USA (2016)
  • Certificat de Coach Professionnel - ID Com International (2015)
  • Health Coach Certificate - Institute for Integrative Nutrition NYC (2011)
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